Get ready for the unexpected 

Get ready to do what you have no former training in! Will you be flexible or rigid with new opportunities that are unfamiliar !? #minuteministry #destiny #dallas 


From planning to peace 

#jesuscalling from yesterday 😍🙌🏽 Do you make your plans an idol? We can easily slip into that routine… what I think God is desiring is freedom and spontaneity with a sprinkle of plan 😊 (yes, write the vision and make it plain) but by all means don’t become PLAIN and boring and robotic because of it! #anxietyforcontrolfreaks #scripture 

Beware of wolves in sheep clothes 


​The devil knows scripture too and he knows how to leave out key points to mislead you….know your word, know the voice of the Lord, and increase in discernment so that you aren’t mislead or taken advantage of. Wolves in sheep clothing are real….and a lot of them can be right there in church! If ya don’t know now ya know. #minuteministry #scripture #eatthemeatspitoutthebones 

You are in a marathon not a sprint 

It’s like He always knows the right thing to say at the right times! Gosh I’m in LOVE 😍. He will whisper sweet reminders if you would quiet your spirit enough to hear.
 A little late night encouragement for those who are up late like me trying to get these projects done! Don’t burn yourself out….little by little and soon you’ll be done. Pace yourself! It’s a marathon…it’s more so about the process and less about the end product. 


What is He trying to teach you?

Don’t let someone put you in their little box 

Don’t let somebody drag you into their box of insecurity! Just because they are afraid doesn’t mean you have to be, just because they tried and failed doesn’t mean you will, just because they are comfortable being comfortable doesn’t mean you have to be! You being “uncomfortable” and out of your box may make others uncomfortable … so what… get out and stay out of the box! 

PLEASE don’t murder your future self 

PLEASE DON’T MURDER YOUR FUTURE SELF! If you kill yourself…who could you be killing? There is so much potential, promise, and purpose in you… just wait and see who you’ll be in the future! Your future self will thank you for it! #suicide #suicideprevention #suicidepreventionmonth #traumaexpert #counseling #dallas #minuteministry