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Here’s how you can get a “Shout Out” in my next book:
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3.Post your question/comment by December 16, 2016
4. If I end up taking your question/comment and expounding on it in my book I will mention your name on the Acknowledgments page
It’s that simple!
Well what’s the book about anyways?
I have a few titles in mind but I will release the actual title in a few months (feel free to share some of your ideas as well). The information that I share in the podcast essentially encapsulates the content of the book. Some keywords for the book are: leadership, self-reflection, self-awareness, personal growth, business, and entrepreneurship.
My goal is to publish the book by late April/early May 🙂
I want to hear your voice so be sure to make it heard!!

Do You Hunger for More?

jmt (6)
So this post has a 2 fold purpose:
(1) While in prayer and worship today I was crying out to God to fill the void that only He could fill! I had an intense need and want and I wanted HIM to fill it and not anyone else.
So I have some Jesus Culture music playing in the background (“I Need You More” by Kim Walker and then “Holy Spirit” by Kim Walker comes on) While listening for God’s voice and simultaneously listening to the song I heard God say “The desire that you have for Me is insatiable”. I’ve heard the word before but honestly didn’t know how to spell it so I Googled it to be sure I understood the definition and got the right spelling. Insatiable means- having an unquenchable appetite. Which essentially means you will always be hungry for more!
THEN while hearing that, the lyrics to the song are playing (she is ad-libbing “lift your hunger tonight. Cry out for more. Don’t be satisfied with where you have been. Don’t be content. Press in for more. Hunger for more.”
Now DONT misunderstand what I am saying…YES God wants to meet our needs and our desires and He also wants us to ALWAYS want and need Him!! And yes He wants us to be content in our life with the season that we are in. That’s not what I am talking about here.
If He fully satisfied us then would we need Him anymore? No. Don’t you stop eating when you are no longer hungry? Well God doesn’t want that…He wants you to always feast on Him-The Word! Therefore He gives you what you need but He wants you to always come back for more!
What I was asking Him to do was to take away the appetite that my soul was crying for and He essentially said no because I would stop pressing in and crying out to Him! Wow!! To have a God who wants nothing but to stay connected to me! My heart is overwhelmed with joy and content in knowing that I will ALWAYS have this hunger that only He can tend to! 🙂
(2) Ok now the second part of this is funny. When God said “insatiable” I kind of chuckled like “really God…what’s up with you using all these big words?! LOL because earlier He said arduous baahhaaa!!
This is HILARIOUS because I was just joking (but not really) a while ago when I said to some girlfriends that I wanted a man that made me have to Google stuff because He’d say things I didn’t know!!!
This tickles me because I literally looked up both words and felt God give me a little wink as to say “see I am enough and what you want…now Google that!” BBAAAHHAAHHAA!!! I love me some HIM and our relationship!! Happy sigh!!
Moral of the story…forever seek Him because He wants to forever be connected to you 🙂 Oh…and trust that He IS all that you need & want!! He knows you better than you know yourself!

The Law of Forced Preparation


The Law of the _____ (3)

There are 2 groups of people: (1) those who work well under pressure and (2) those who do not. I happen to fall in the first group. I am a person that must set deadlines and have someone hold me accountable in order for me to get things done. If I do not have a deadline (which is pressure to me) then I can allow procrastination to set in!! So essentially, if I want to get things done I have to force myself to.

So that brings us to The Law of “Forced Preparation”


 God is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the author and finisher of our faith…which also suggests that God finishes what He starts…and so should we (Phil 1:6 -“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ”).

 The Law of Forced Preparation essentially  teaches us that it is good practice to finish what we start AND in order to do so there may be times when we need to hold ourselves accountable by sharing the visions God has given us so that it “FORCES” us to see it to the very end.

Biblical References: Noah and the Ark (Genesis 6), Elijah telling Ahab to hurry before the rain (I Kings 18), Peter getting out of jail (Acts 12), and more.


  • Professional Life-Think about 1 professional project that you have been “working on”, “fixin’ to do”, “about to get to” for a very long time now. Ask yourself these following questions: (1) Why haven’t I finished the project? (2) What do I need to finish the project? (3) Who do I need to help me finish the project? (4) Is there a spirit of perfectionism/procrastination/doubt/worry/fear of rejection/fear of criticism etc that must be addressed prior to starting up again? (5) Why should I complete this project? (6) When will I complete this project? (7) Who should I ask to hold me accountable?……It is very important to also ask yourself “WHO’S BLESSING/NEXT STEP AM I HOLDING UP BY NOT COMPLETING WHAT I WAS ASKED TO DO?”…….Maybe your boss asked you to do something or maybe God told you to start a business or write a book that you just haven’t quite finished  (or even started). If you are feeling stuck….then MOVE or ask someone to help you with a little extra push!!
  • Personal Life-Think about 1 personal goal that you have been “working on”, “fixin’ to do”, “about to get to” for a very long time now. Ask yourself these following questions: (1) Why haven’t I reached my goal? (2) What do I need to reach the goal? (3) Who do I need to help me reach the goal? (4) Is there a spirit of perfectionism/procrastination/doubt/worry/fear rejection/fear of criticism etc that must be addressed prior to reaching the goal? (5)What is the importance of completing this goal? (6) When will I reach this goal? (7) Who should I ask to hold me accountable?……It is very important to also ask yourself “WHO’S BLESSING/NEXT STEP AM I HOLDING UP BY NOT REACHING MY GOAL?”…….We are to be witnesses in every area of our lives and when you set goals and reach them…people take notice. Have you set a personal goal to lose weight, get married, have a child, become financially secure, buy a new home/car, etc…? Assuming that God has already done His part (which He has) and taking into consideration God’s timing…if the delay in reaching your goal is only you…then what do you plan on doing about YOURSELF?
  • Relational Life-Think about 1 relational need that you recognize as an area of growth . Ask yourself these following questions: (1) Why haven’t I began growing in this area? (2) What do I need to grown? (3) Who do I need to help me grow? (4) Is there a spirit of perfectionism/procrastination/doubt/worry/fear rejection/fear of criticism etc that could be hindering growth? (5) What is the importance of growing in this area? (6) Growing is continual but when do I plan on crossing the next “mile marker” of growth? (7) Who should I ask to hold me accountable?……It is very important to also ask yourself “WHO’S BLESSING/NEXT STEP AM I HOLDING UP BY NOT GROWING IN THIS AREA?”…….Maybe your goal is to start dating again, or to get married, or to build a better relationship with your spouse/family member. Relationships consist of the relationship with yourself and the one you have with others. In this area…maybe you will focus on how you can become a better you for your loved ones or maybe you and your loved one will create a goal together (e.g. better communication or conflict resolution).


The Law of the “_____” are everyday revelations and teachings taken from everyday situations & experiences. God is always speaking & teaching but it is up to us to seek & listen.

“He who has an ear…let him hear!” – Matthew 11:15

The Law of the Domino Effect

The Law of the _____ (2)

Earlier today I was reading through some of my old journal entries, brainstorming notes, dreams, & vision on my phone and about 7 months ago I had an “audible vision” (I heard God speak in my spirit without any image attached to it). God simply said, “When you start…I start.”

So that brings us to The Law of the “Domino Effect”

domino God is very intentional and pro-active and sense we are made in the likeness of His image we too should be intentional and pro-active. The Law of the Domino Effect essentially  teaches us that things will start to happen and have a ripple effect on our life if we simply start. Maybe we aren’t waiting on God…maybe He is waiting on us. Literally God has factored in the end from the beginning so He essentially just needs us to get in alignment with what has already been declared over our life.

Biblical References: Book of Ruth (Ruth was intentional in following Naomi), story of Joseph, Moses & the children of Israel, Joshua & Caleb entering the promise land, David (his journey before fighting Goliath), and so many more examples of how God blessed those who took that first step of obedience.


  • Professional Life-Think about an area in your career where you feel stuck. Maybe it is a project you are working on, or a tough conversation that you need to have but are avoiding, or maybe it’s a career transition that you are seeking after. What is one way that you can, metaphorically speaking, lift your finger and push just one domino in your career? What is that one domino? Come up with a strategy to access that one domino and “push” it. For example…maybe you have been applying for jobs but have gotten zero call backs. Maybe the first action step you could take to push that first domino is to put on your business attire and physically go to the company that you desire to work and simply introduce yourself to the receptionist and ask if you could speak to the right person in the HR department. Or, maybe after office hours you can just go and walk, pray, and declare your promises while on the property. Something powerful happens when we simply show up.
  • Personal Life– Think about an area in your personal life where you feel stuck. Maybe you feel stuck in your heart, mind, or spirit. Do you find yourself circling the same “block” in your life with no clear direction?  What is one way that you can, metaphorically speaking, lift your finger and push just one domino in your personal life? What is that one domino? Come up with a strategy to access that one domino and “push” it. Maybe your first domino is you becoming more self-aware of your behaviors, habits, mindset, and unstable emotions. So for example, if you are feeling stuck personally, schedule some alone quiet time with your journal and begin to write down in what areas you feel stuck and the causes of your stagnation. If you do not know the cause then ask God to reveal it to you. Maybe it’ll be from something in your past that you have yet to deal with and heal from. Maybe it is unforgiveness or pride. Whatever that first domino of self-awareness is. Begin to take the necessary steps to resolve it.
  • Relational Life-Think about an area in one relationship where you feel stuck, frustrated, hurt, or angry. What role have they played in causing strain in the relationship and what part have YOU played in causing strain in the relationship. Now, the first list matters but you can’t do anything about it except to pray for them so do that and then focus on your second list which is your part. What is one way that you can, metaphorically speaking, lift your finger and push just one domino in that relationship? What is that one domino? Come up with a strategy to access that one domino and “push” it. Maybe that one domino is to schedule some time to talk with your loved one. Or maybe that one domino is to apologize (even if you were 90% right). Or maybe your first step is related to you making mends in whatever way as it relates to the role you played in the conflict. Another first domino may be seeking out an unbiased third party such as a counselor for assistance .


The Law of the “_____” are everyday revelations and teachings taken from everyday situations & experiences. God is always speaking & teaching but it is up to us to seek & listen.

“He who has an ear…let him hear!” – Matthew 11:15

People Will Change as Your Season Changes

I asked the question and He immediately reminded me of the Stelara commercial lol (He can use anything to teach! 🙂 ). I laughed and then searched the commercial to watch it again. He said very simply. People are coming and going so quickly because your seasons are changing so quickly and their role in your life was fulfilled once you exited that season.
There are some people who are only designed to add something to your life or take away something from your life and once they do that their part in your story is over. The “take away” part isn’t always necessarily bad. Maybe they are there to help you take away your bad attitude, or take away your pride and arrogance, or take away your fear.
Just as quick as this woman was shifting seasons is the same way some of you are as well. It isn’t that you are doing anything wrong….you are simply growing and shifting very rapidly!
I remember the days when I would stay in certain “seasons” or lessons for a long period of time because I just couldn’t seem to grasp what God was teaching me but as I have grown and matured and have learned to hear God’s voice and OBEY I have noticed that I don’t stay in seasons of tests (I call them heart checks) very long. It’s like getting all A’s in the class and the teacher telling you at the end that you can choose to be exempt from taking the final exam and still get an A in the class 😉
If people are coming and going just remember this commercial…you are simply evolving at a rapid pace and THAT is worth shouting and rejoicing about! You are changing so at times the people around you will change too.
Embrace the entire process! Don’t try to take your winter coat into your fall season or your fall scarf on the beach…wouldn’t that just look silly? 😉
Learn to let go when God has turned the page. Keep reading….I promise the story only get’s better!!
Watch the commercial here

Your Greatest Weakness is Your Greatest Strength

Your greatest weakness is also your greatest power…when you are weak I am strong… please believe whatever God has called you to do it will be stretched, pressured, challenged, and crushed in your life all to bring it to a place of perfection.

What area in your life have you been crushed the most? I wonder if that is the very area that you are anointed the most in?


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Scripture References: II Cor 12:9


You have the Power to Change: USE IT

I love it when God provides me with revelations through my own personal experiences….and by love I mean I love it after the fact, lol. Because being in the middle of it never feels good!!!
But as I’m #kickingflesh, one of the things I’ve been working on is teaching my thoughts & emotions to fully submit to God. They have been a little resistant to say the least. So earlier today I was praying and writing in my journal for my daily devotional. To be honest, I was feeling sorry for myself and moping around like somebody stole my candy. After about 2 hours of trying to read scripture, pray, listen to a couple of sermons, read a couple of chapters in 2 books, and still NOT hearing any solutions from God I finally stood up and said, “OK SELF, THIS IS ENOUGH”…
So I got up started doing my make-up and hair and I immediately noticed my mood shift!! Moments before you would’ve thought my puppy (which I don’t have) died but that one moment of me taking a stance shifted something in my spirit!!
THEN came the teaching….God typically gives me the teaching and revelation right after a moment like this…gota love Him 🙂
He then says to me “FINALLY! That’s what I was waiting for!” He goes on to give me this understanding that His whole purpose in this has been to teach me how to tap into the power that is ALREADY inside of me! I then responded and said, “ohhh well why didn’t you just say that lol” But that isn’t His way of teaching!
He isn’t the type of teacher that gives His students the answers on the test! Absolutely NOT! I’ve already had the training and teaching and deep down I already KNEW that the same Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is living in me! So, if that is the case then I have no excuse or reason to be down!
He wanted me to come to that conclusion on my own!
I wonder how many of you are in this same boat?! You are praying for God to help you stand in the midst of your trials. You are asking God to change your situation. You are asking God to do X, Y, and Z….but maybe…just maybe you are in the same boat as myself.
Maybe it isn’t that He is ignoring your prayers…maybe you already have the answers to the prayers you are praying! Maybe He is just a silent teacher while His students take their test. Maybe God is telling you to do it yourself (meaning tap into the Holy Spirit that is already inside of you!!!!)
If you won’t be honest and testify then I’m sure the blind man in John 9:7 will tell you how God did His part but he had to get up and go wash HIMSELF in the pool. Or what about the man at the pool of Bethesda who had been there for countless years and Jesus finally came, did His part, and then told the man for HIM to take his bed and walk HIMSELF (John 5:1-15). Or, let’s ask the man with the withered hand who had to stretch out HIS own hand for it to be healed (Matthew 12:13). Or, what about David who said he had to encourage HIMSELF in the LORD? (I Samuel 30:6)
AND PROBABLY MY FAVORITE is in Exodus 14:15 ” Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on.” This actually makes me laugh when I read it because it’s almost as if God is saying, “uh, you already know what you need to do why are you asking me again?”
It isn’t that God doesn’t want you to seek Him often in prayer…that’s a no brainer right? He is teaching us a healthy dependence in Him not an unhealthy co-dependence! You are not helpless so stop acting like it! YOU are operating with the most powerful weapon as a believer; THE HOLY SPIRIT! So Get some act right in your life and start ACTING LIKE YOU HAVE ALL AUTHORITY INSIDE OF YOU! AMEN!
2nd moral of the story…GET UP!
3rd moral of the story…STOP COMPLAINING!
4th moral of the story…consider if you’ve already done your part in the matter! If not then what are you waiting for?

Seasonal Relationships

15 seconds (5)

We must understand that there are seasonal blessings. Some people and opportunities come in our lives only to stay temporarily. When their time is up it doesn’t make them a bad person…it just means that part of your story that they served in is now over. We end up stuck when we pay more attention to what we have losted instead of focusing on what there is now to gain. It doesn’t mean the ending of the season will feel good but know that everything that is for your good may not always feel good. Do like Marvin Sapp says and “don’t look back…keep moving ahead”. Greater is coming! Be okay with letting go of good to obtain great.



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Scripture References: Genesis 22:5


How to Deal with the Elephant in the Room

15 seconds (3)
In order to deal with the elephant in the room you have to look at it. Just think about that one problem that continues to persist that you continue to avoid. What is your elephant? What does your “elephant” cause you to feel? Anger, fear, sad, bitter, confused, hopeless?
What do you fear will happen if you looked at your “elephant” today?
How do you feel knowing that God is holding your hand as you stare at your elephant?
Spend some time today thinking of how you can begin to at least peek at your elephant.
It’s not going away just because you close your eyes or divert your attention so you might as well deal with it!
Psalm 55:22
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