Will You Help Me Write My 3rd Book?

Here’s how you can get a “Shout Out” in my next book:
1. Listen to my podcast interview (click the image below)
2. Post a question or comment related to the podcast that I did not cover (you can post it here or on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page under the image that says “Will you help me write it?”)
3.Post your question/comment by December 16, 2016
4. If I end up taking your question/comment and expounding on it in my book I will mention your name on the Acknowledgments page
It’s that simple!
Well what’s the book about anyways?
I have a few titles in mind but I will release the actual title in a few months (feel free to share some of your ideas as well). The information that I share in the podcast essentially encapsulates the content of the book. Some keywords for the book are: leadership, self-reflection, self-awareness, personal growth, business, and entrepreneurship.
My goal is to publish the book by late April/early May 🙂
I want to hear your voice so be sure to make it heard!!

I would love to hear from you!

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