Do You Hunger for More?

jmt (6)
So this post has a 2 fold purpose:
(1) While in prayer and worship today I was crying out to God to fill the void that only He could fill! I had an intense need and want and I wanted HIM to fill it and not anyone else.
So I have some Jesus Culture music playing in the background (“I Need You More” by Kim Walker and then “Holy Spirit” by Kim Walker comes on) While listening for God’s voice and simultaneously listening to the song I heard God say “The desire that you have for Me is insatiable”. I’ve heard the word before but honestly didn’t know how to spell it so I Googled it to be sure I understood the definition and got the right spelling. Insatiable means- having an unquenchable appetite. Which essentially means you will always be hungry for more!
THEN while hearing that, the lyrics to the song are playing (she is ad-libbing “lift your hunger tonight. Cry out for more. Don’t be satisfied with where you have been. Don’t be content. Press in for more. Hunger for more.”
Now DONT misunderstand what I am saying…YES God wants to meet our needs and our desires and He also wants us to ALWAYS want and need Him!! And yes He wants us to be content in our life with the season that we are in. That’s not what I am talking about here.
If He fully satisfied us then would we need Him anymore? No. Don’t you stop eating when you are no longer hungry? Well God doesn’t want that…He wants you to always feast on Him-The Word! Therefore He gives you what you need but He wants you to always come back for more!
What I was asking Him to do was to take away the appetite that my soul was crying for and He essentially said no because I would stop pressing in and crying out to Him! Wow!! To have a God who wants nothing but to stay connected to me! My heart is overwhelmed with joy and content in knowing that I will ALWAYS have this hunger that only He can tend to! 🙂
(2) Ok now the second part of this is funny. When God said “insatiable” I kind of chuckled like “really God…what’s up with you using all these big words?! LOL because earlier He said arduous baahhaaa!!
This is HILARIOUS because I was just joking (but not really) a while ago when I said to some girlfriends that I wanted a man that made me have to Google stuff because He’d say things I didn’t know!!!
This tickles me because I literally looked up both words and felt God give me a little wink as to say “see I am enough and what you want…now Google that!” BBAAAHHAAHHAA!!! I love me some HIM and our relationship!! Happy sigh!!
Moral of the story…forever seek Him because He wants to forever be connected to you 🙂 Oh…and trust that He IS all that you need & want!! He knows you better than you know yourself!

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