People Will Change as Your Season Changes

I asked the question and He immediately reminded me of the Stelara commercial lol (He can use anything to teach! 🙂 ). I laughed and then searched the commercial to watch it again. He said very simply. People are coming and going so quickly because your seasons are changing so quickly and their role in your life was fulfilled once you exited that season.
There are some people who are only designed to add something to your life or take away something from your life and once they do that their part in your story is over. The “take away” part isn’t always necessarily bad. Maybe they are there to help you take away your bad attitude, or take away your pride and arrogance, or take away your fear.
Just as quick as this woman was shifting seasons is the same way some of you are as well. It isn’t that you are doing anything wrong….you are simply growing and shifting very rapidly!
I remember the days when I would stay in certain “seasons” or lessons for a long period of time because I just couldn’t seem to grasp what God was teaching me but as I have grown and matured and have learned to hear God’s voice and OBEY I have noticed that I don’t stay in seasons of tests (I call them heart checks) very long. It’s like getting all A’s in the class and the teacher telling you at the end that you can choose to be exempt from taking the final exam and still get an A in the class 😉
If people are coming and going just remember this commercial…you are simply evolving at a rapid pace and THAT is worth shouting and rejoicing about! You are changing so at times the people around you will change too.
Embrace the entire process! Don’t try to take your winter coat into your fall season or your fall scarf on the beach…wouldn’t that just look silly? 😉
Learn to let go when God has turned the page. Keep reading….I promise the story only get’s better!!
Watch the commercial here

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