Your Choices Will Determine the Outcome of Your 2016 Year


On Saturday I talked about reflecting over the entire 2015 year before entering into the New Year. Were you able to read that article yet? If not, here is a link to it (Click Here). I do want you to continue reflecting over 2015 and I also want you to begin thinking forward. What will 2016 look like for you? Will it consist of doubt, fear, low-expectations and mis-trust maybe like 2015? Or, will it consist of dreams, faith, high expectations, and total trust in God?!

I don’t know about you but I am choosing the latter option! As I have been in the 2016 planning phase God has really been making those 4 factors a priority for me (and obviously for you too if you are His daughter or son).

Here are “two-liner” reasons why each factor is important in 2016:

  1. Dream vs. Doubt

Our dreams are the little seeds that impregnate us with purpose and destiny. Doubt aborts the dream seed and hinders us from producing and birthing what God has placed on the inside of us.

  1. Faith vs. Fear

Fear tells us what we can’t do and faith tells us what we can’t do (You don’t need faith for the things you can do, right?). The major difference is that with fear nothing is possible and with faith nothing is impossible because it is not by our works but by God’s that we succeed.

  1. High Expectations vs. Low Expectations

Setting low expectations is not setting you up for less disappointments, it is actually setting you up for a lifetime of disappointments. If you expect nothing you will get nothing in return.

  1. Trust vs. Mistrust

The lack of trust indicates that your attempts at being vulnerable were mishandled. In order to trust you have to become okay with being transparent and vulnerable.


So which will you choose this year?

Which of these areas do you need to work on in 2016?

Maybe you have doubts because things haven’t always gone the way you expected. Maybe you have fear because stepping out on faith requires the relinquishing of control and that feels unsafe and out of control for you. Maybe you have low expectations because you are sick and tired of getting your hopes up and being disappointed. Maybe you have trust issues because the last time you trusted someone they broke your trust and now that carries over into your views of God and His character.


Click here for a free download of the “two liners” above. Feel free to print them and keep them as reminders for yourself and feel free to share them on social media with your own personal thoughts.

(Click each to download)

Dreams vs. Doubts

Faith vs. Fear

High expectations vs. Low expectations

Trust vs. Mis-trust

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