Time to Reflect: 2015 Summed Up


Quick, 2016 is quickly approaching! We now have 6 days left to do a thorough reflection of our year and to assess the outcome. Reflecting and assessing may be difficult for those that did not write out what they expected from 2015 and what their goals were. As I reflect over my year I am so happy to say that I was able to check off so many things that I set out to accomplish…I was even able to accomplish things this year that I thought I would later accomplish in 2016. There are also things that I set to complete in 2015 but I will not complete until 2016 such as my dissertation (I didn’t realize how LONG it would take to complete). Nevertheless, although my projected time was a bit off for some of my goals I am still proud of what 2015 turned out to me.

In the beginning of the year God shared with me that this will be the year of “elevation” for me; and that it WAS!! Other words/phrases I anticipated for this year were: BIG, follow-through, new-normal, and heart-check. 2015 consisted of a lot of digging down so that He could build me up. It consisted of A LOT of tearing down so that He could reshape me! Was this year painful? Emotionally and mentally, YES absolutely it was! Being stripped of your OLD ways never feels good! Especially when it is what you have been use to doing, feeling, and thinking for years! This was a year where God was very serious, intentional, & persistent about removing the clutter from my life and boy boy boy I did not realize how “messy” my life had become internally!

This year consisted of a lot of heart checks for me. It was a year of elevation but God couldn’t take me higher until I dug deep and dealt with the matters of my heart! So, I’d say this year was also a 365 daily heart check-up where I had to continually deal with old baggage! As a result of my heart work is where “The Caged in Heart” book was born! This year I even stepped into fields/opportunities that I really didn’t imagine myself being in! 2015 was quite the year of met expectations and pleasant surprises too!


Ok, I have done my reflecting and will continue to reflect over the next 6 days but now I want you to take the time to reflect by asking yourself these following questions:

  1. What were my goals for 2015?
  2. Which ones did I accomplish?
  3. Which ones do I need more time on?
  4. Did I throw myself 100% into 2015 or were there parts of me that I still held back?
  5. What prevented me from reaching some goals?
  6. What prevented me from giving 100%?
  7. What were 3 major key lessons that 2015 taught me?
  8. If I could sum up my 2015 year in a few words or a few phrases what would they be?
  9. Am I a better reflection of myself now than I was in January?
    1. If yes, how so?
    2. If no, what has changed for the negative?
  10. Ask God to give you insight into how He viewed your entire year.


Be sure to jot down all of your answers, reflections, revelations, and insight! We continue to grow and learn when we remember the previous lessons!! Be sure to reflect and I’ll see you all in 2016!! 


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