Your Death Grip on Your Past is Killing Your Future

monkey trap

The other day I woke up with this random thought on my mind that “your death grip on your past is killing your future”.  It wasn’t a message directed at me but more of a universal message for us all. As I began to think more about it I thought of how I learned that hunters often catch monkeys by cutting a hole in the tree and putting a banana in it. The trick to it is that the monkey can get his hand in the hole but he cannot pull his hand out while it is in a fist.

How many of us are like this monkey? We hold on for dear life for what we think is good for us but end up trapped and sometimes even killed. We may not be physically killed but we are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and psychologically murdered. Murder/Homicide indicates what somebody did to us but sometimes we are the ones still holding on and creating our own emotional, mental, spiritual, and psychological suicide.

What “bananas” are you still holding on to? What is it about that banana that makes you willing to risk your actual life or metaphorically speaking, “life” over? What purpose does that banana serve for you? What are you afraid will happen if you open your hands and let it go?

Just let those questions sink in and think about them. Then think again that…Your death grip on your past is killing your future! What you think is good really is not that good…especially if your good is destroying your chances of getting great! As a wise friend once told me…Don’t settle for good, wait for Great!


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