My MEGA FEST Experience in Dallas, TX with Bishop T.D. Jakes


This past week and weekend at Mega Fest has been one of a kind! As I sat in one of the larger sessions I began to reflect on where I was this time last year (for Women Thou Art Loosed 2014 in ATL). I was just so grateful to be able to look back and say “I am not where I was last year…I am some place much better emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even physically.”

There is just something about being in an atmosphere that gives you a super charge and sends you back home hungry, thirsty, desperate, and craving for more of God’s amazing presence! I am forever grateful for T. D. Jakes and his ministry. He has been my E-pastor, mentor, spiritual father, friend, counselor, advocate, and so much more all from a distance. God has used this man to really help deliver me out of some tough internal areas in my life and for that I will continue to support whatever he sets his hands to do!


So, back to MEGA FEST 2015….there are a couple of take away points that I want to share with you. I am an avid note taker during sermons because I see them not just as a “good word” but as a PROPHETIC WORD spoken just for me in the time and season of my life! So I take notes so that I can continually remind myself what the Lord said (you should try it if you don’t take notes).

Here are my 2 main take aways that I am still chewing on today and probably will chew on for the rest of this year:

(1) Asking God to increase your capacity is also asking Him to increase the void in your life.

If you just sit on this for a moment it will begin to make sense. This really was a confirmation for me because I had already been asking God to take me deeper and to increase my capacity for Him and at the same time I noticed that I began more aware of voids in my life. He used those lonely moments in particular and teaching moments to show me just how easy it is for Him to fill those voids IF I LET HIM instead of looking for an external filling!

 God can’t fill what is already full. He is looking for those who will empty themselves out and allow Him to pour His spirit out into them and fill them up! Like T. D. Jakes taught…God created man…and then filled him with breath…God created the ocean….and then filled it with fish. God created the sky…and then filled it with stars. He fills what has a void. Do you have a void in your life? Are you trying to fill it with chocolate, a man, a woman, tv, work, etc…? It’s good to be “needy” with the Lord. If you didn’t have a need then you wouldn’t need Him. Be needy for the Lord if you want Him to move in your life!

(2) God will bless your gift as you use it.    

This was a double whammy for me because I had been asking God to increase my gift and ability but this message let me see that He will increase my ability when I use what I already have. It is just like a child that asks for more food when they still have a plate full. What do you tell them? “I will give you more when you finish what you already have in your hands.” That is what God is telling us today…”I can’t give you more when you haven’t even used what I gave you in the first place!” Are you asking God to make the situation perfect before you move? Are you asking God to give you the perfect abilities, skills, gifts, and talents before you audition? Well you may be waiting for years and years! Start using what you already have and soon you will begin to realize that what you have IS ALREADY GOOD ENOUGH!!


There were several other take away points but these are the 2 that have stuck to me like gorilla glue lol. I can’t wait until next year! I had a great opportunity to meet some awesome people and just fellowship with like minded, hungry, desperate, don’t care what you think type of people and I loved every minute of it!! I WILL be there next time it comes!!


Just call me Trillion BIG 😉

InstaSize_2015_7 _ 225942

                                                            (Willie Moore Jr., Michelle Williams, & Kirk Franklin)

InstaSize_2015_7 _ 225976

 ( Rebecca Crews, Bill Duke, and Dr. R. Vernon)

InstaSize_2015_7 _ 227804

                                                                          ( Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Parker)


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