A Trillion Reasons Mini Series for The Caged in Heart Book


Welcome to A Trillion Reason’s Mini Series. In this series I will be taking topics that I cover in my new book “The Caged in Heart: How Your Childhood Wounds are Affecting Your Adult Life” (available November 10, 2015) and providing you with “food for thought” for the day as well as a related question.

The goal is to open your heart, mind, and spirit to the revealing of things that haven’t felt so good in your life.

It is my desire that you will begin to free and change your caged in heart. If you say that your heart isn’t caged and you are free then praise God! I encourage you to pass this along to someone who may need it but I still encourage you to stick around…you may be surprised.

It is my desire that this series will be as engaging as possible for you. Throughout the day I want you to take the time to meditate on the food for thought that I provide and I also want you to truly take the time to answer the question that I ask to the best of your ability. Remember, nothing changes when we put in half the effort.

**Disclaimer: This is not a series designed for you to create a list of all the people you need to confront from your past. This is a SELF awareness and SELF reflection series to help YOU find out the possible root of your experiences. If something does come up that feels too overwhelming for you I recommend seeking professional help from a counselor so that they can help walk you through the journey as you explore your emotions. Please do not go through this journey alone. You do not have to.

If you are comfortable sharing your experiences please do so via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@trillionsmall).

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CagedHeartBook

Check out the INTRODUCTION VIDEO and REASON #1 VIDEO on my website now.


#1_ A Trillion Reasons


I would love to hear from you!

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