Finish Reading the Story


I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say, “if I knew back then what I knew now I’d go back to my younger self and just encourage her and let her know that this part of the story ends much better than she is thinking it will right now!” I know I have been one to say that on numerous occasions. It is so uncomfortable sitting in an ambiguous situation and expected to stay cool, calm and collected. We live in a “ must know now” society and it seems to have shaped most of our hearts and minds to be impulsive, impatient, anxious, and untrusting.

I have found myself saying several times to God, “God I trust you but I’d really just like to know how this thing is going to work out and I really will trust you then” and in His sweet patience He just simply whispers, “but baby girl that isn’t trusting Me then.”

What is it about not knowing that gets us all so worked up? Maybe because not knowing takes us out of the driver’s seat. Maybe not knowing makes you feel powerless and out of control. Maybe not knowing makes you terrified.

Not knowing what is going to happen is like the game of trust. It wouldn’t be a trust fall if you held on to the person as you fell. No, the point is to fall backwards without looking and simply trusting the character of the person that is to catch you.

When God asks us to trust Him He simply is saying, “if you knew My character then you would know that I wouldn’t dare drop you.”

Do you know God’s character? Do you know that He means you good and not harm? Do you know that He thinks about you 24/7 (even though He isn’t on time)? Do you know that He has plans to prosper you? Do you know that He won’t withhold any good thing from you? Do you know that He loves you…enough to have His perfect son murdered? Do you know…? It’s all in the book. [Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 139:18, Psalm 84:11, John 3:16].

Most of our problems are because we stopped reading the story. Something goes wrong so we automatically drop the book and stop reading the story (our story). Some end up sad, hopeless, and depressed but only because they stopped reading the story. When you stop reading the story of your life then you stop living!

You are in one chapter or volume of your life but rest assured that THIS is not how the story is going to end! You will thank yourself later for pressing and reading on to see what the end looks like!


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