Maybe It’s Not the Outlet…Maybe It’s You


Today I was at Starbucks and I tried to plug my computer up so that it would not die. I tried the closest outlet to me…and my charger light did not come on. So I turned around and tried using the outlet attached to the long table. My charger light still did not come on. So I got up and went across the cafe to try another outlet and my light STILL did not come on.

Shocked by how many outlets were broke I went to the barista and said, “hey none of the outlets work…maybe it is a breaker switch problem (as if I know about electricity, lol)” As he was coming to check the gentleman behind me tried to see if his worked and lo and behold it did. The barista came and tried plugging up his phone and his worked TOO!  THEN he brought to my attention that “maybe it is your charger”. So I wiggled mine and plugged and unplugged it until the light finally came on.

The thought never crossed my mind that the problem was what I had  and not the outlet. I wonder how many of us operate our professional, personal, and relational lives like this. Something goes wrong and we say, “these people are crazy”, or you get into an argument and say “no one understands me”, “nobody likes me”, and “it’s not me…they can’t get along with me”

Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news BUT maybe…just maybe…you are the common denominator to all of your arguments, conflicts and break ups. Maybe you are the one with the shortage and not the others….Just maybe. I don’t know…I’m just speculating!

If you find yourself in common patterns in connecting and then abruptly disconnecting then take time to look within yourself! What is it about you that pushes people away? What is it about you that always sparks up an argument or disagreement? What is it about you that is lacking which is the cause of your shortage in power to connect with others?

Stop pointing at others and start to truly look deep within yourself. Maybe you don’t get along with people and maybe you are not a “people person” because you do not even get along with yourself (or even KNOW yourself for that matter).

Let’s get real! Take off the mask and build a better you so that we can build a better us!

Pray this scripture in a meditative prayer and truly wait to hear God’s response! He still speaks!

“Explore me, O God, and know the real me. Dig deeply and discover who I am.
    Put me to the test and watch how I handle the strain.” Psalm 139:23 (The Voice)


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