God See’s You


This morning was one of those mornings that you wish not to get out of the bed and you say to God under your breath, “I know You say You are there and that You see and hear me but I don’t feel You!?”

I had to go to work so I willed myself out of the bed and headed to Starbucks to grab some breakfast. I order in the drive-thru and when I get to the window to pay the cashier says, “The person in front of you paid for your order.”

I drove off smiling and teary eyed because in that moment I felt God with me. It was a simple act of kindness from whoever it was but it was monumental for me. I drove away knowing YES God loves me and YES He has being listening to me and YES He still has His eyes on me!

What made it even more special is that He chose to let me know in one of my dominant love languages, which is “gift giving” and small acts of kindness to let me know you care. He chose to bless me the way that He knows touches me the deepest. That in and of itself was also another way for Him to say “I KNOW YOU AND I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED!”

This was the first time anyone has done this for me so whoever you were…Thank you! 🙂


Nobody may have paid for your order in the drive-thru today but I want to encourage you to become extra sensitive today to God’s hand. He will do small acts of kindness for you today if you only pay attention!

He loves you and yes He STILL has His eyes on you!

You have not gone unnoticed!!

He is still working on your behalf!



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