Dealing with Dissatisfaction


Going through a season of dissatisfaction can be by far the most uncomfortable, irritating, and frustrating thing to endure. Often times we are so engulfed in it that we have no idea how to find our way out.

So as I was trying to process my reasons for dissatisfaction not too long ago I decided to really take my lack of satisfaction seriously and try to figure out the root and a solution.

So what I came up with is a simple 7-step process to deal with dissatisfaction:

  1. Identify specifically what you are dissatisfied with.
  2. What is it about the situation that is causing dissatisfaction? Be specific.
  3. What are the core feelings that are present? (refer to Chip Dodd’s 8 Core Emotions chart below)
  4. According to this chart, have your feelings been directed in the “impaired” or the “gift” direction?
  5. If you have moved into the “impaired” column go to and scroll to read & watch the videos for the feeling(s) that applies to your situation (the one’s you listed in #3)
  6. Now, identify specifically what your feeling has been trying to tell you (ask the Holy Spirit to help you with insight).
  7. Decide today how (Be specific) you will take your “impaired feeling and transition to the “gift”

Here is a brief paragraph example of when I did it for one of my dissatisfactions:

I am not satisfied with my part in my relationship with God. I do not feel as close as I use to be to Him. My passion and hunger seems to be lessened and this is dissatisfying to me. The core feelings that I am feeling are sadness, hurt, and anger. Each of my feelings have been directed in the impaired direction. My anger feelings, specifically, have been telling me that my relationship with God really does matter to me and that I genuinely do care about how our relationship does not feel as close. Because I love God so much and because I want to be even closer to Him I have decided today to get back into the healthy habit that I had of carving out specific time each day dedicated to me and Him!

Ok now it is your turn…this will take some time to go through each feeling that you are feeling but it is worth every minute of it!

CHIP DODD feeling chart


I would love to hear from you!

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