Stop Looking For What is Already in Your Hands


I typically find my clothes to wear for the next day at nighttime to speed up my morning routine but last night I was too tired to so I got up this morning to do it. I was looking for a particular belt but I could not find it. I looked where I normally keep my belts, then I looked all over the floor in the closet, and then I decided to look in my suitcase because I had just got back in town. I pulled out 3 or 4 belts and held them in my hand as I kept looking. I stood to think of where in the world that one belt could be. As soon as I stood back up from rummaging in my bag I looked down at the belts in my hand and the one that I was looking for was in my hand the whole time!

As soon as I realized this I said to myself, “wow this whole time what I was looking for was already in my hands and I wasn’t even aware of if for some reason.” I wasted those precious 5 minutes looking for what I already had!

Have you done the same thing before? Have you ever looked for and sought after something that you already possessed within you?

God has gifted us according to the grace that He has given each of us. Some of our gifts we are aware of while others are sitting dormant waiting to be discovered and released for utilization.

Some say they are looking for a job but having a hard time…maybe that is because YOU ARE the next business that you ”work for”.  If you have the gift of entrepreneurship then tap into what is already in your hands and work with what you got.

Some say they are looking for new ways to make different streams of revenue but you won’t have to look any further than your hands. What you have can be used for the betterment of others AND to make a prophet.

Work with what you have and you will have what you put the work in to receive.

Stop, look down at your hands, and ask God what is it that He has gifted you with! What are your gifts & talents? A gift is no good if it goes unwrapped!

What or who have you been reaching to for answers and fulfillment instead of looking within yourself and to Christ for?

Your gifts are to be exercised. What gifts have you been wasting or under-utilizing?


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