Don’t Look Back

looking back

Sometimes you have to remind yourself WHY you made a decision in the first place. You know the decision was the RIGHT one but at times uncertainty, doubt, & maybe even loneliness will creep back up and make you second guess your decision!

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT renig on your initial choice! Your first instinct is typically the right one! The thoughts after that are ones that may try to get you to question the first!

I have to re-read God’s promises for my life and to re-read my own “life declarations” and prophecies that I have written down & received to REMIND me daily of why I do what I do and why the decisions that I have made thus far are the RIGHT ones that will yield the RIGHT results!

You must remember that making the right decision won’t always FEEL good to you but it will BE good for you!

Let it go….and no looking back please ma’am and please sir!

You are moving right along in the right path so do not look back! Unless you want to turn into a pillar of salt like ole girl in the bible did (Lot’s wife) Genesis 19:15-26


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