I Love Rejection!!


That statement might sound a little facetious, and it is, but I promise I have great reasoning behind it. I emotionally HATE rejection just like anyone else! I have experienced being rejected numerous of times from family members, to friends, to relationships, to classmates, to the workspace. Although rejection is painful it has ALWAYS proved to be for my benefit in the long run.

I wanted to share my most recent moment of rejection with you that brought me to this place of saying, “I love rejection” and prayerfully it will give you a new perspective on experiencing rejection.

So a week ago it was Valentine’s Day. You know, that day when you are supposed to be happy and filled with loving butterflies. Well I will be transparent and say that this was by far the worst Valentine’s Day I have experienced.

It started of just fine but there was this guy who I was ‘friends’ with and had an interest in but of all the days, he chose to reject me for whatever reasons he had on that day! So this was my first rejection of the day. Although it hurt, it got me out of the bed and dressed to go hang out with some friends because I refused to sit at home and mope around over him.

So I got dressed and headed to the lounge that we chose to hang out in. Here comes the second rejection of the night….so they get there and sit at the bar and I walk up shortly after and speak to them. I only knew 1 person so I introduced myself to the rest of the people. There were no seats at the bar next to them so I was forced to sit behind them at another table.  One guy, who I didn’t know in the group, volunteered to give me his seat so that I could sit with the others but I didn’t want him to then have to sit alone so I just stayed where I was.

This would have been fine but they kept their backs to me and didn’t even talk to me! This only lasted for all of maybe 2 minutes because I had already dealt with rejection a few hours ago and I was not about to tolerate it from them too! So I said good-bye as nice as I could and I began making my way to the exit.

I was so engulfed in my own pain that I had not been aware of the owner entering the room. As I reach the door he comes behind me and asks if I would stay and he would buy me a drink. I kindly declined because I do not drink but he then offered me dinner on him.

In my head I was thinking how I just wanted to be left alone to my own misery but I decided to go right back to the bar, but sit on the opposite side from the people who first rejected me, and I had dinner while he kept me company.

He told me that he saw the look on my face and he saw how my “friends” had treated me so he said in his head that he couldn’t let me leave like that. (VERY nice gentleman, I know right! Lol).

I was able to make a connection with someone new all because I was rejected!

I say that I “love” rejection because had the guy not rejected me I would have stayed at home watching T.V. and had the people I met up with not rejected me I wouldn’t have met the owner.

Every time that I have been rejected, regardless of what type of relationship it was, God has ALWAYS pointed me to something better!

If my rejections did not point me to something tangibly better….it always pointed me right back to God! If nothing else soothes you then at least know that GOD WILL NEVER REJECT YOU BECAUSE HE IS IN LOVE WITH YOU…YES YOU!

God uses closed doors to redirect our paths! It is okay if he or she turned you down, it is okay if he or she dumped you, it is okay if they didn’t want you, it is okay if the company didn’t choose to hire you, it is okay if your mom or dad had nothing to do with you! IT’S OKAY!! You want to know how I know?!

BECAUSE all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28).

If God allowed it then He will definitely use it for your good! So be joyful when someone rejects you…that means that something else is better up ahead!

Keep pressing on, Keep your head high, and Change your perspective!

Rejection isn’t all that bad once you receive your better reward 😉

I declare these things daily and maybe you should too as daily reminders of just how valuable you are to Him: 

God says that:

  1. I am beautiful
  2. I am lovely
  3. I am important
  4. I am not rejected by Him
  5. I am fearfully & wonderfully made
  6. I am the apple of His eye

“Never hold on to what you have but should to let go of for fear that nothing else better will come”



2 thoughts on “I Love Rejection!!

  1. Awesome post! I always stand on a scripture that is even better..same book of Romans but verse 37: “Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us.”–amplified. Because of His love, we always win!

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