Choose to Choose Right

Light at the end of the tunnel

Tonight while in worship God gave me many visions.  The first that He showed me was a long dark hallway with many closed doors and a very bright light at the end of the hallway (similar to the picture above).  I would call it “the light at the end of the tunnel” but that is not what it was.  It wasn’t a tunnel because it had many doors along the way to the bright light.

When He showed me this He said, “there will be many opportunities along the way but the one to choose is the one at the end of the hallway” (indicated by the bright light).  As we maneuver in life towards our destiny we will always be presented with several choices to choose from.  We live in a society that thrives on options…the more the merrier we think.

In this vision God was revealing to me that just because many options present itself as “the one opportunity” it does not mean that it is the ONE we should choose.  Many men/women will present themselves as potential husbands/wives but that doesn’t mean they are the right option.  They may even be a really good catch but every good man/women is not your good man/woman.

Many job opportunities or business partner opportunities may present themselves but every good thing or opportunity is not your good thing. I like to think that a good thing at the wrong time is a bad thing.  Don’t rush to choose due to anxiety, fear, or impatience.  Walking through one of those doors before reaching the ONE door God had opened wide for you can be detrimental to you in more ways than one.

I am reminded of the scripture that says All a man’s ways seem right to him, but God evaluates the motives (Proverbs 21:2).

You may wonder, “Well how do I know if this is the right bright light door or not?”

 There are several ways to know and I have listed a few below:

  1. The very obvious answer is that God makes it very clear to you that that person, that business, that job, that thing is the one.
  2. The option does not contradict God’s word
  3. The option is aligned with what God has already promised for your life
  4. The option does not steer you away from God but instead draws you closer
  5. The option will help propel you towards your destiny
  6. The option helps to make you a better person
  7. The option will never make you choose between God and it/them
  8. You have a sense of peace about it

Be sensitive to the guiding of the Holy Spirit and know which doors to go through and which doors to walk past. It will save your money, life, and time!


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