God Moves: When He Leads….You Follow

I am a dreamer and it is one of the ways that God speaks to me. I had a recent dream, which I will not go into, but at the end of the dream I then had an audible dream that went with what I just saw (I didn’t see anything but He was talking to me).  He said to me, “pay attention because I can change my mind. So be aware at all times of what I am doing.”

I learned a long time ago that He can change His mind and I did struggle at first with the concept of “God being able to change His mind” but I have come to realize that yes He does have an end set in mind for us and that is for certain.  However, it is the middle stuff that can be altered at any time. Why? How? You may be asking. Because we have free will. God has his perfect will that He wants us to follow but many times we do NOT follow the blue print therefore He has to make some adjustments to factor in our foolishness!

God is always speaking, doing, and moving. It is very easy to get stuck in one spot. We may even be stuck in that spot because God did actually say, “this is the spot”. But overtime God may have saw that it was not where you needed to be due to some other elements not related to you thus He decided to pick up and move elsewhere. He left the spot and told us to come but we missed it because we were not paying attention to what He was saying we only payed attention to what was “said”.

A prime example of this is, “but God said he/she was the one I am to marry.” I know some friends who have experienced this but it turned out that they were not the person they should marry. NOT because they heard God incorrectly BUT because God changed His mind. Why did He change His mind? Because He was looking at the other person’s responses and behaviors to what He also spoke to them.

He gives us free will. He can say, “I put you two together” but if one says “no thanks (either verbally or behaviorally)” then guess what…God then shifts. God is of order and precision so if something isn’t just the way He says it needs to be then He can easily adjust, fix, move, and add.

We even see this with Abraham. God told him to go kill his son. Abraham was obedient and was heading to do just that. As soon as Abraham lifted his arm to slay his son God immediately stopped Him and told him NOT to kill his son.

Some say this wasn’t God “changing” His mind but the way I look at it is that in Abraham’s head…it is God changing His mind; “one minute you say do it and the next you say don’t.” Sounds like a change to me. Had Abraham not been listening (meaning it is ongoing) then he would have surely missed the shift and he would have killed his son.

God is talkING…but are you ListenING. Like He told me in my dream….we must pay attention to His EVERY move so that we do not miss anything or overstay our welcome anywhere or with anyone. Some things are only temporary and seasonal. You can’t take something from one season into the next if it is not meant to last with you. A flower from Spring time will surely die in the Winter time.

It can be particularly hard to make the shift when what He first told you was pleasing to you. I understand that feeling but do not be discouraged. If you thought that was great….just wait until you see what is next!! 😉

God knows what is best for you so if He moves some stuff out of your way then don’t resist the change just flow with Him. It will be much easier if you do.

A dance is not a beautiful dance if one is not flowing with the other.

He’s Moving! Keep Up!


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