The Blessing Doesn’t Always Come Assembled

unassemled desk

I blogged a few days ago titled  “Your Order Has Now Been Shipped” and in it I basically talk about how God has a specific timing when He sends our blessing our way. So this morning while in bed I am talking to God about this whole shipment thing.

To preface this I will say that God held to his end of the bargain and He shipped what He promised. BUT to my surprise it wasn’t fully what I was expecting. Initially there was much joy because I could see the picture on the cover of the box and it was exactly what I wanted but when I opened the box I quickly realized “this is not what is on the cover of the box!”

I began taking out the pieces and realized that what He had shipped to me hadn’t been put all the way together yet. So in my head I’m thinking, “this is NOT what I ordered please return to sender!”

However, this morning as I am getting ready to put the “return” label back on the package God says to me, “it hasn’t been assembled yet.” So I respond, “are you serious God! You mean now I have to take the time for this thang to be assembled!?”

Now I’m the type of person that likes things to already come put together! However, with this particular order it didn’t happen this way. God then began to give me great examples such as when have you ever seen a bed totally assembled when shipped to your house? Or when have you ever seen a large desk come fully assembled when shipped to your house? Never, unless of course it is used therefore already assembled.

When you place an order for large items they never come assembled! The box is shipped to you and THEN you have to open the box, take out the pieces, and put in the work to put it together.

Now we don’t want to hear that because I surely DID NOT!

This example I have given you is easily transferable to any “shipment” you are expecting from God. I love relationships so I will touch on that “shipment” for a moment.

When God ships your wife/husband to you be aware that they may not come already “assembled”. They are a new package and all of the parts are there….they just have to be assembled. I look at it as both boxes (you and the person) coming together as 2 whole packages that must be worked with (yep I said the W word) to make it what you see on the cover.

Sometimes you may have to put in more prayer time and fasting for that person more than you expected. And sometimes you will have to be patient more than you desire! The item becomes what you make out of it. If you want it to become what you desire for it to be then speak it into existence as you are nurturing and building it up.

Don’t return the shipment just because it isn’t assembled already. I personally hate having to assemble furniture when I buy it but after I finish and am able to step back and stare at how it looks I am well pleased because I know that I put in the hard work to put it together.

It is the same with relationships. After you have put in the work and you are finally able to see the picture that was on the cover of the box you will be more satisfied and willing to take care of and maintain it. Why? Because YOU put in time and energy to make it happen.

Be encouraged and remember that what you have ordered is on it’s way so be sure that you have your spiritual eyes open so that you can discern whether it is the right package or not.


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