Is it Evident Where You Are Going?


So many times I hear people talk about where they plan on going in life but I find it hard to believe. Why? Not because I doubt the promises spoken over their life and not because I just choose to be in disbelieve. However, I find it hard to believe because what they are doing now does not line up with where they say they want to go.

Imagine for a moment with me a person traveling in the airport. You see this young woman with her flip-flops on and her beach hat with her big shades. You even notice that she has a carry on beach looking bag with a beach towel in it. Your first thought is, “she must be going somewhere with a beach.” So you are curious as to where she is traveling so you inquire. To your surprise she says, “I am going to New York” (keep in mind that you are imaging that it is winter time). The look on your face is a look of shock. Why? Because she clearly is not looking like where she is about to go!

My point is. If you say you are moving towards some major goals in life then please look, act, and talk like where you are going. If you say you are believing God for a corporate office job but you do not have one pair of slacks or a suit then something is wrong with that.

If you are 8 months pregnant and the baby’s “room” is still the storage area then something is wrong with that. If you say you believe for a brand new car but your garage is full of junk then something is wrong with that. If you say you are preparing your body for spring break but you haven’t been to the gym yet nor are you eating healthy then something is wrong with that.

If you say you are looking for a husband or a wife and you have several “randoms” still in your life on the side then something is wrong with that. Now that is a big one because I see this all the time from both men and women. They say, “I’m waiting on my husband/wife” and I think to myself “If they were to come right now where would they park because your drive way is packed to capacity with all of your other “He’ll do for now”, “she’s just satisfying my flesh”, “It’s just for company” folk! When the one actually does pass by they probably will keep it moving because they see that you clearly were not expecting their arrival. A full drive-way would be a huge turn off I’d assume.

Are you saying you are preparing for something but doing the total opposite of what will yield those results?

If you don’t prepare then when it comes you will not have room enough to receive it. Don’t expect God to give you a blessing when in the hand He is trying to give it to you in you are still holding on to who knows what or who. In order to receive you must let go…or go without.

In Isaiah 54:2 it says “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; do not spare; lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes.” This verse encourages preparation for what is to come. What does your tent look like? 

So the question I ask you is this, “If people look at your life will it be evident to them what you are after?” If not then it is time to do a little self-check. 2014 is not the time for lollygagging and games so get it right and keep it tight!



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