The Year to Speak & Be Heard

my bday 

In my previous post Three Words to Sum Up 2014 I mentioned how 2014 is a year of preparation, acceleration, and elevation. I love that my birthday is also in January because my New Year Revelation is typically in alignment with my New Year (birthday) Revelation!

To add to my new years revelation….this new year of life for me also will be a time for me to speak and for me to be heard. I have been planning for quite some time now as a speaker and this is the year in which I will be released to do just that and not only to speak but to be heard by many.

One of my passions is to encourage and inspire others. I enjoy giving my life to Christ as a conduit in which He can allow blessings to flow through me and to others.

I am forever grateful to have another year to live life to the fullest! Last birthday I blogged about turning 25 and how that number was symbolic of blessings and grace. As I look back, those two words are the very words that I would use to sum up that year!!

God was super graceful to me the entire year even when I was undeserving AND I was blessed in some amazing ways! I published my first book and I started my first business at the age of 25. Then to top it off I met some wonderful people who I know will be lifetime friends 🙂 25 was a great year! But 26 is about to be DOUBLE the GOODNESS 🙂 Especially considering that 14 (in 2014) is the year of DOUBLE COMPLETION & DOUBLE RESULTS!!

As Bishop T.D. Jakes would say… “Get ready, get ready, get ready!” LOL




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