Three Words To Sum Up 2014


As we were approaching the new year God shared some things with me about what I could expect for my new year.  He shared things such as this will be my year to reap what I’ve sown (harvest season), it will be a time of great favor, a time for what I’ve seen to begin manifesting in the natural, a time for acceleration, etc… etc…all great and wonderful things.

I was just reflecting on these first 22 days of the new year and I began to think about how He said it would be a time of acceleration.  So as I’m washing my hair He tells me that essentially 2014 will consist of 3 words and they are PREPARATION, ACCELERATION, & ELEVATION. I will break them down below.

When He gave me these three words He also showed me a picture of an incomplete stairwell and He said in order to get elevation it will take us partnering with Him (co-laborers of Christ: I Corinthians 3:9…sorry no that business will NOT fall out of the sky). If we do not do our main part of preparing then the acceleration and elevation will not even be a factor.

So I have this image of an incomplete stairwell and He says this is how the year will flow… As we are preparing He is building the stairwell with us. As the stairwell is being build one step at a time elevation will essentially result. Now, this elevation will be accelerated which means we MUST prepare QUICKLY!! No time to procrastinate, make excuses, and be lazy!

There is a window of opportunity and if you’ve failed to make your deadlines then you’ve missed it. If He is ready to accelerate the process and elevate you but you haven’t even prepared and built the step then guess what? Yep, as soon as you try to step up into a higher position or level you immediately fall down.

Be ready when He says move! It’s going to happen fast so if you are not paying attention you are sure to miss it. Watch & Pray.

Also keep in mind that great opportunities can present themselves as miniature blessings…but despise not the day of small beginnings! (You can ask Elijah in I Kings 18:44).


So here is preparation, acceleration, & elevation broken down:

 1.    Preparation

2014 is a time for harvest BUT before you can begin to reap you must make room for what He has shown and promised you.  Parents do not wait until the baby is born to begin preparing for its arrival. You wouldn’t wait for it to rain before you build a well. You wouldn’t eat the raw meat before you properly prepare it. You wouldn’t (or you shouldn’t) wait until the right man/woman comes along to try to make sure you are wifey/husband material.

Yes you will reap what you have sown and yes you will obtain your promises IF (yes this is a conditional statement) you have made room for it! You CANNOT receive what you do not have the capacity to hold and maintain!

Stop praying for rain when you do not have an umbrella nor a bucket to catch it in. Don’t ask for more when you can’t handle what you already have.

If you want to get ALL that God has for you this year then you MUST prepare for it! How do you prepare for it? You find out what the first step is and do it. After that, you find out what the next step is and do it too.

“Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!” I Chronicles 4:10

 2.     Acceleration

God’s favor will fall by way of accelerating you through this season. What took someone many years will not even take you half as long. What took some a long time to get will not even take you that long to get.

God has great things He wants to do and He needs people who are in shape and ready to move. By “in shape” I do mean spiritually AND physically. How do you expect to travel the world and run all of these businesses and lead all of those people if you do not have the energy nor health to do so (due to lack of exercise and proper intake of healthy foods).

We have to be holistically fit and ready to move.

Which one runs faster a sumo wrestler or a NFL wide receiver? Now you get my point!

 3.     Elevation

Once we have shown our commitment to the vision that God has given us by way of making diligent preparation and once He makes moves on our behalf in a swift way we THEN will be elevated to new heights.

If you do not have the steps made in preparation then the process will be delayed and if the process is delayed you are in then delaying your elevation & blessing.

But wait…there is more…because your purpose is not about you NOW not only are you slowing up YOUR own progress but also now you are slowing up EVERYBODY else whom God desires to bless through YOU! But because of your lack of persistence and care to the vision of God you are now hindering the entire body!

Don’t be that little pinky toe that says your part does not matter! Go ahead and jam it against the side of the dresser and tell me if that little toe has an impact or not!

We must get in line, get in position, and stay on track to reach our promises! God works in timing so do not waste it on meaningless or trivial things!

There are great things in store for you in 2014 so DON’T MISS THEM!

Go, be fruitful & multiple!


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