Time & Perspective

60 seconds

I value time so much because it is one thing that we cannot get back. Something about time that I thought about while working out was that the same 60 seconds can be very different depending on what you are doing in those 60 seconds.

Think about it, if you have been on a treadmill or in a boring class it seems that those are the slowest moving seconds in the world. However, if you are reading a fun book or out hanging with friends having fun those can seem like the fastest moving seconds in the world.

It’s fascinating to me that the exact same 60 seconds can appear so different depending on our perspective. When we are doing something that we enjoy the time flies fast but when we are doing something that we wish was over the time moves slow.

Well, actually the time doesn’t speed up or slow down but our perspective gives us that ability to see it that way.

If a simple thing such as our mental imagery can adjust time for us what else can changing our perspectives do?

Instead of looking at life or your situation from a negative perspective I wonder what it would look like to view it in a positive perspective?

You’ve probably heard, “it’s all in your head” and quite frankly a lot of what we see, feel, and think is all in our head…go figure that scriptures tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2)

Change your mind…change your actions!

Change your perspective…change your life!


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