Have you ever found yourself in a place of confusion and frustration saying, “Okay God I feel I have done all I can do what more do you want me to do?” I have. I found myself there not too long ago. I came to this point because I felt that I was going down the right path and doing all of the right things but what I was wanting out of it was not manifesting yet. So I wondered what I was doing wrong and what more I needed to be doing.

With no answer I decided to watch a sermon from T.D. Jakes with hopes of finding some encouragement. (It’s funny because every time I do this God answers me through the pastor). This is the passage Bishop Jakes preached from about the wheat and the tares: Matthew 13:24-30 

I randomly selected a sermon on Youtube titled “Leave It Alone”.  Sure enough, there I found my answer. All this time I’ve been fighting, and scratching, and kicking trying to make stuff happen only to find myself tired. At this place is where God finally told me, “that is the point I have been trying to get across to you. There is no more for you to do in this situation! I want you to do nothing else because I have this under control!”

So when I heard this I said okay but then more anxiety creeped in and now I wonder, “how am I supposed to do nothing! How do you do that?!” Yes, that may sound funny but I have grown accustom to always doing SOMETHING and always trying to fix things and work things out. So much that at times I would unknowingly not even allow God to do His part after I’ve done mine.

This comes from me having to always do things myself if I wanted something to get done. This habit leaked into my relationship with God but I finally am able to see that I can stop now, take a rest, and let God do the rest!

I want you to do the same if you are in this same middle place….Take a rest…and let God do the rest!! You have done your part…now let Him do His!

He is big enough and strong enough to do what He said He was going to do!



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