Prince & Princesses


“I will be a Father to you,
And you shall be My sons and daughters,
Says the Lord Almighty.”

– II Corinthians 6:18

My niece had a princess tea party for her 5th birthday party. The little girls all dressed up in gowns and the adults that were there also dressed up. Although it was a children’s party I was especially excited about dressing up and participating. There is just something about dressing up and feeling beautiful.

Before the tea party began the “princess host” went through the house keeping rules. She told us how princesses always are polite (saying please, thank you, and you are welcome). She told us that princesses wear their napkins in their laps and that they chew with their mouths closed and sip their tea with the saucer held beneath the cup.

Now of course these are all obvious table manners for both men and women but it was amazing to watch these 5 year old girls really drink their tea as they were told…like little princesses.

This just reminded me of how God calls us His children. If He is the King then that makes us royalty; princesses and princes. Since we are children of God, we too have certain ways in which we should behave.

We should carry ourselves in such a way that we are a beautiful image of God. We can do this by having great character by being humble, honest, trustworthy, loyal, and disciplined.

We can also demonstrate our royalty by how we take care of our bodies. We are the temple of God so we should care for it and treat it with care by eating healthy, exercising, and even dressing it nicely. This doesn’t mean being a size 0 or having a 12 pack but it does mean taking care of the temple that God gave you to steward. How we dress also matters. We do not have to be high maintenance but we should care about our image and how we present ourselves with our attire (Put effort into your look).

We can also demonstrate our royalty by how we treat others. Try a random act of kindness and watch the smile it can put on someone’s face. During this Christmas holiday remember that you are royalty regardless of what you do or do not have. You are royalty because He calls you son or daughter!

Remember who you are and remind others who they are…sons and daughters of the King. So let’s show the world what royalty really looks like.


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