Broken Spirit


One day while cooking breakfast I accidentally dropped this egg. I am not sure why I began thinking of how it broke but I guess I have a mind that analyzes everything.

The first thing that came to mind was, “had it been a boiled egg it wouldn’t have broken into many pieces as easily nor would its insides spilled out.” Then I thought how this is similar to many of us when we experience trials and tribulations.

We experience being mishandled, mistreated, and downright abused. Not only do we experience external struggles but we often times may find ourselves struggling internally; with our mind, emotions, and spiritual life. Some internal struggles come from the enemy, while others are ones we bring on ourselves, and others are simply things that God permits.

I think all of these, regardless of the source, are a great litmus test as to what we have gone through and whether what we have gone through has strengthened us enough.

Boiled eggs are made when you place raw eggs into boiling water for a certain amount of time. The insides turn from the liquid state to the solid state. However, this only occurs if the egg has been in the boiling heat long enough.

I like to correlate this will our tests in life. The longer we are in a situation that is designed to strengthen us, we will in return come out more solid, stronger, and resilient.

If you are still cracking under pressure and your life seems to fall apart every single time someone leaves you, or you lose your job, or someone doesn’t treat you fairly, or things just do not seem to go your way then maybe you will need to endure a little more heat so that you can endure the storms and stand firm in your faith without easily cracking under pressure.

What are you? Are you a raw egg, an egg in the middle, or a boiled egg? Do you still hold firm to your faith and trust in God when things seem to drop in your life or do you fall apart and start oozing in your emotions? Do you vacillate back in forth with no stability?

Get stronger and firmer in your walk with Christ!


I would love to hear from you!

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