Your Potential is Out of the Box


A few days ago I ordered a Christmas tree online and then I went to the actual store to pick it up. The description online said that the tree was 6.5 feet. So when I get to the store I am anticipating this huge box to be brought out to me.

The employee came around the corner with a box that was maybe 4 feet tall so in my head I am thinking this was the wrong tree that I ordered. So I get home and unpack the box to find that it is in 3 separate pieces and that in order for it to actually become the height that it was designed to be I have to take the pieces and stack them one on top of the other.

This was a great illustration for me of how vital it is that we stay OUT of the box so that we can reach our fullest potential. When we limit ourselves, limit God, and allow others to keep us in a box we are only seeing half of what we were born to be.

If you find yourself in a boxed situation then cut away and allow God to add layer upon layer to your life as you increase in stature, position, and influence.

You are greater and bigger than you know so step outside of those lines and become a bigger, stronger, and greater you.


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