Get into the Proper Position

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Yesterday I blogged on the importance of being pro-ACTIVE and moving towards the promises of God in our life. I also tweeted a formula for success yesterday. It is…Success = (Being in the right place) + (At the right time) + (Having social/people skills).

Today I wanted to blog about an experience that I had yesterday that confirms these very principles.

I was in Barnes & Noble (being in the right place) yesterday and I had only intended on being there until around 5PM. It was around 3:30PM (@ the right time) and a gentleman walks in the café and sits across from me. He then begins to talk to the barista about putting his flyers for his event on the counter.

I had my headphones out of my ears (social skills-you can’t communicate if you can’t hear) because I wanted to hear what he was saying about his flyer (note: it pays to be nosy @ times lol…get it from my mom J). I asked him if he was about to do a book signing and he said that he was going to host a Story Telling night there in the café. He asked if I had any special talent and I told him I could get up there and write. We got a good laugh out of that and then I told him about my book (with more social skills).

This opened the door for me to then share about my book signing that was coming up this weekend. After listening he told me that he would put me on the list to tell my story about my book! I was so excited to have time to share about my book with others! Time rolled around 4 hours later and I shared my story of how I came about writing it.

That was the fun part but for me the SUCCESS and most blessed part was when people came up to me after saying that my story really did touch them (which then compelled them to buy the book). There was this one man in the corner that really touched me though.

He was a war veteran and afterwards he came up to me and shook my hand and said that he just wanted to let me now how God did order his steps that day. He was telling me how he had only planned to come to the bookstore for some coffee and to use the internet. He then goes on to say that he knows God had him at the café for a reason to hear what I had to say because it was what he has been needing to hear for some time now and I helped answer some of his question about his life by what I spoke about.

THAT is what I define as success…not what you are driving, wearing, or even living in but how many lives you are able to touch for the Kingdom of God!

That night I left with so much Jesus joy because somebody was given answers, hope, and motivation to press on!


THIS is why I am determined to reach the masses with all that I have to share. To teach people that there is such an URGENCY for people to begin walking in purpose and getting into position!!


Stop being the road block to someone else’s blessing and get in the place that God has for you!!


To learn more of what it means to be in that “place” you can purchase my book here or at any other major online distributor (you can even special order it from your local Lifeway Christian bookstore).

Don’t be that person on the team that is out of position on the field thus the reason for an incomplete pass, a fumble, or worse…an interception! Sports teams understand the necessity of being where you need to be and when you need to be there….we can learn a lot from them!

I pray this pushes you to get up and to get into proper position so that God can begin to use you in a mighty way!!


I would love to hear from you!

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