Opportunities Will Come As You Move


I was in Publix doing a little grocery shopping as always and I began walking down the frozen section. 

If you have been to Publix then you may have noticed that when you walk down the frozen aisle and no one has been down the aisle in a while the lights will be off but the moment you begin to walk down the aisle the lights begin to come on. Actually, only the lights that you are near will come on.

As I started walking, the lights were coming on but the ones further down were still off. At this moment I gained a deeper revelation for how it is that we receive our blessings and how we begin to walk into our promises.

 Your opportunities and promises in life will become available to you as you MOVE towards them. The promise land is not coming to you….you have to go to the promise land!

Another thing about moving is you HAVE to stay in sync with God! When He says move…you move! And when He says wait…you wait!

There is a window of opportunity that will be presented to you so if you do not move on instinct you can miss the entire opportunity! This requires you to be a “faith-taker” (risk taker) and not a person of fearful hesitation!

If opportunities are not coming to you then it may be due to these few factors:

  1. You are immobile
  2. You are moving but missing the windows of opportunity (too slow or too fast)
  3. You are walking on the wrong territory
  4. Simply, God has you in a waiting period

Sunday’s sermon (November 10th) was definitely a confirmation of what I have already written in my book. The sermon is titled “It is Time to Make it Happen” (click here to watch).

In my book, Internal Navigator, I say “Don’t wait for it to happen…make it happen.” I say this because in order to get what is yours you will have to be very pro-ACTIVE and have some “gusto” about yourself. To get a copy of Internal Navigator go here.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.” – Psalm 37:23


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