I Was There


Today I was standing in the mirror will trying on one of my outfits that I will be wearing for the Miss TN USA Pageant that is this upcoming Friday. As I was standing there I began to smile and I felt God whisper, “I am so proud of you!”

This brought great joy to me and it caused me to begin thinking about everything else that I have been doing in my life. I began thinking about my volleyball games in high school and all of the events that I have gone to that I participated in.

All of these seemingly random thoughts made me think of how I never had my biological father at any of them. I never had his support in anything that I have done because he has never been there for me.

But then God whispered, “But I was there…I was at everything that you have ever done!” That reminder brought joyful tears to my eyes because it is true…even during the times that I felt He was not there I know that He always has been!

In this new event that I will be participating in I know that He will be there too! He will have a front row seat right in my heart cheering me on the entire way!

He has been my Daddy and I thank Him for never missing a game, a competition, a school event, a meeting, etc…He has been there to support me in all that I do.

So a note to you…God is there and He has been there with you! Maybe some people did not show to support you but you have the BEST fan and cheerleader right deep down on the inside of you! If you can tap into that then I guarantee you that you will find a peace that will surpass all of your understandings!

He is your biggest fan! He was there and He will forever be! J


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