Who Are You Listening Too?!


Today during Crossfit I was talking to the coach about my fitness improvements because I was new so he didn’t really know where I started from. During our conversation I was talking about my abs and he was like, “well they are not as defined.” I got a tad bit offended lol because to me they are J (I think he was slightly joking with me anyways).

We went back and forth light heartedly and as soon as I was walking out my nutritionist/main coach was walking in and I ran up to him and said (in almost a child-like tattle tail way), “he said that my abs are not as defined!”

My nutritionist looked intently at me and then at him (almost to say “how dare you tell her that”) and he then kept walking and turned to me and said, “well you listen to me and not him because according to your body fat % you are lean.” With a big smirk on my face I turned to the other coach and gave him a “see told ya so” look!

I am self-confident so either way I would have been content in how I look but my coach affirming me and my hard work was much needed J. After I left I thought of how I would’ve felt had he not come in and I had someone to “tattle tail” to.

This made me think of the importance of solely listening to your MAIN source! In this case it was my nutritionist not the other coach!

This is how it is with God too. There will be many people in your face criticizing and belittling you and trying to tell you that you are not good enough or skilled enough but it all boils down to who you will listen too!

Last week my nutritionist had already told me how proud of me he was so all I had to do was hold firm to what he said because I trust that he would tell me the truth.

God has already spoken to you about your destiny and how He feels about you so if you are down on yourself then ask yourself this question, “who have I been listening too?!

Those negative beliefs DO NOT come from GOD! So find the source and immediately come out of agreement with it and then replace it with what God says!!

You can’t listen to both so choose one and run with it!!


“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

John 10:27


I would love to hear from you!

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