Many Are Called…Few Are Chosen


Just last night I was thinking about that verse that says many are called but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14) and I asked myself, “If so many people have been called (invited) why are only so few chosen?”

I pondered this for a bit and then I thought of a phone analogy. Here are the 4 reasons according to my analogy:

 1.     Some saw the call but ignored it

Many times when God calls us He calls us when it seems most inconvenient. We feel that we are too young, too old, too tired, not skilled enough, unworthy enough, too busy, etc…

But when God calls He is already aware of our limitations and that is least of His concerns! Don’t allow your insecurities or your own agenda to cause you to ignore God.

 2.     Some were too distracted to hear the call 

If you have a lot of background noise going on it will make it harder to hear the call. If you receive a call and you have a bunch of noise going on in the background then maybe that indicates that you did not even expect a call.

God will call you whether you are secluded in a quiet room or if you are up at 4AM at a party. If He wants you…He will call you. The only issue is, will you hear Him when He calls?

Minimize distractions so that you can hear Him clearly.

 3.     Some had their phone tied up therefore did not receive the call

Most phones, if not all, can only receive two calls at a time. If you are on one end and you have someone else on hold then when the third person calls they will get a busy tone or your voicemail.

Some feel that God isn’t speaking to them and that He doesn’t even want to call them BUT that is not the case. If you look at your life you may find that you have been tied up in too many areas that you shouldn’t be therefore it is causing you to miss God.

That job, that relationship, that friendship, that addiction, that _____.

 4.     Some had dead phones

A dead phone occurs when you have been using it too much without recharging it or you have not been using it but overtime the lack of power causes it to still die.

Sometimes the reason God cannot reach us is because we are spiritually dead. He keeps calling but we never answer…because we never get the call.

What causes you to be dead? A disconnect from God first and foremost. Then other things that we are doing that is not in God’s will and is displeasing to Him can continue to drain our spirit battery until there is no more left.


If you have yet to answer the call then ask yourself if you are in one of these categories.

If you have failed to answer the call then ask God to call back…and this time be by the phone to answer and be willing and ready to say YES I will go!

The chosen are the ones that answered the call and showed up prepared.


I would love to hear from you!

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