Co-Laborer Wristbands as Reminders


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This Co-Laborer wristband will remind you that in order to bear much fruit and in order to enhance the Kingdom of God we must walk in purpose…Walking in purpose and fulfilling our destiny has TWO parts: (1) God’s Part and (2) Your Part.

I Corinthian 3:9 (NIV) Declares that we are “co-workers in God’s service…” and this means that in order to fulfill our purpose and obtain our promises it is vital to have this collaborative & cooperative effort on BOTH ends.

Put both together and you have an undefeated dream team!

“Internal Navigator” discusses this more in depth so I hope you  have already ordered your copy 😉

Product details:

Front: His Part + Your Part = Co-Laborers
Back: @LLC_TNC (Twitter business handle)

Price: $3.00

Black+LimeFront Grey+BlueFront Blue+WhiteFront Yellow+Blackfront

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