Insecurely Gifted


For some time now God has been speaking to me through others and through my passion about dance. Anything that has to do with dance causes my heart to pound a little harder. When I watch others dance I get this adrenaline rush and when I dance myself I have such a sense of joy and peace.

But when I dance I dance when no one is watching. With the exception of always dancing “for fun” in front of others or doing group dance such as Zumba or line dancing (Basically, when all eyes are not just on me!)

I believe that last night was the icing on the cake for me. I was at this prophetic women’s conference and afterwards we got into groups and we each received a prophetic word. I am sooo excited about all that was spoken over my life but one particular lady looked at me and said, “You are a dancer, God has gifted you to dance to bring others closer to Him.”

I couldn’t help but to cry because I have ALWAYS felt this tug from Him to dance (and I do very freely alone) but He wants me to dance for others to see. That tugged at a major insecurity of mine.

I will be totally transparent here and say that I am insecure when it comes to dancing in front of others. My greatest fear has been, “what if people think that I am bad? What if I am really not that good? What if I am not good enough?!”

These fears have been the very things that prevent me from dancing. I did start a dance ministry while at MIZZOU for undergrad and that was a huge step but even then I was insecure!

From going to the gym to working out and being asked if I am a dancer to being at various events and people tell me that I have a creativity about myself, to the mere fire that I feel inside when I watch this beautiful art know as dance. Regardless of the style: hip hop, ballet, jazz, ballroom…I love it all!

I know fear is not of God and I DEFINITELY plan to bury it and begin to walk in the gifting and anointing that He has placed on my life to bless others.

I WILL dance because I refuse to waste ANYTHING that He has given me to do! It may take me some time to overcome my insecurities BUT I WILL overcome them!!

I share this with you because I have found that there is great power in what we speak….and when I say that I am going to do something (especially if others hear me) then it puts great demand on me to fulfill it!

SOO, indirectly you all are my accountability partners now 😉 I have told you that I WILL dance SO I will!


What has God gifted you to do that you are sitting on?

What are those false lies that you are believing that are hindering you from moving in it? (Ask God to replace those lie with the truths and ask Him to forgive you for believing in the lies & being in agreement with the enemy!)

Will you waste what God has given you to use?


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” – 2 Timothy 1:7


3 thoughts on “Insecurely Gifted

  1. Thanks for the word new accountability partner 🙂 Let us know when/how you decide to work on your dance ministry! I myself have the gift of singing and have been sitting on it for years. Sure I do sing in church, although not nearly as often now as I have in the past. For years I’ve had plans to work on an album, and have had people ask, and my answer is always soon. “Soon” has turned into years. What’s stopping me in my case though is not fear, but laziness… Thanks for the reminder that I need to get up and do something for God with what He’s gifted me with!

    • Hey! Well lets make it happen together! For starters, baby steps, I have decided to commit to stretching every day (to increase flexibility of course) and I am in the process of seeking dance classes to take…you now…to get in front of people and boost the esteem 😉

      I pray that God gives you that extra fire that you need to make the album + more happen for His Kingdom!! 🙂


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