The Little Things


“But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.” – Matthew 10:30-31

One day many of my friends went out to eat. Usually when we are together we would ask each other to give us a word of prophecy or a word of knowledge from the Lord (note: a word of knowledge often times is used in the instance of healing/deliverance). So my friend gave me a word of knowledge. He asked me if my ankle was hurting.

The front of my ankle actually was hurting because my shoe was rubbing against it. I responded that it did hurt but it was okay because it was only hurting because of my shoe. He prayed for my ankle and it felt better! Praise God!

I began to think of the reason that God allowed my friend to see that my ankle was hurting because it was no big deal I felt. Then God showed me that He not only cares about the big things of our life but He even cares about the small things…even those shoes that hurt your feet, lol.

To top it off I was later over some friends house eating breakfast for dinner J The wife was cooking pancakes and some were actually ready so a friend tried to give them to me but she said no because she was about to make more for me because I like mine crispy around the edges.

All my friends laughed and asked why I got “special orders”. That night I didn’t tell her I liked my edges crispy so I honestly forgot that she even knew that. For her to remember something as simply as me liking my edges crispy really meant so much to me.

And again God reminded me that He cares so much about me…even the fact that I like my edges crispy on my pancakes, lol.

God loves you the exact same way! He knows everything about you (even the number of hairs on your head! WOW!) He knows things about us that we do not even know and He simply wants to express His infinite love for us!

From the big to the small…He loves them all! So don’t think like me and say, “oh, it’s small so it really doesn’t matter!” YES! To Him EVERYTHING matters! J What a great man to have around right?! 😉



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