Giving Your All


            The other day I took my niece to Chuck-E-Cheese. When she left out she was eating some gummies (the one’s in the picture above). We got in the car here and here is how our conversation went:

Niece:  Thank you TeeTee for taking me to Chuck-E-Cheese!

Me:  You are very welcome!

Niece: Since you have been so good to me I am going to give you my last gummy!

Me: Oh no you don’t have to but thank you…

Niece: Ok, close your eyes

Me: (I close my eyes)

Niece: (she puts the pack with the last gummy in the cup holder) Ok now open your eyes!

Me: (opening my eyes to find her last gummy) Thank you so much, that was very nice of you!

She is only 4 years old so I thought this was very selfless and generous of her to give her last for me because of all the places I had taken her.

Do you have this same generosity towards God? He has done so much for you so what have you given Him in return?

All He asks is for you to make time to spend with Him…the time He has allowed you to see. All He asks for is 10 cents out of every dollar…the money He gave you. All He asks is for you to honor Him with your body…the one He gave you. All He asks for is for you to care about the things He cares about.

That’s all…now is that too much to ask for after ALL He has done? He gives us the bag of gummies and He is just wondering if we will give Him at least one back?

The more self-less you become the less selfish you will be! It is not about us…but it is about Him and His Kingdom.



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