A “Just Cuz” Kind of God

I, like many other people, created a “what I want in a husband” list. I have written and re-written that list over the course of many years. One thing that remains is that I want a husband that will do generous things for me “just cuz”. I want to be surprised with flowers “just cuz” it’s Tuesday. I want him to prepare a romantic dinner “just cuz” I am so beautiful to him. I want him to buy my favorite candy as a gift “just cuz” he thought of me while at work.

The reason I am talking about this now is because just the other day I was telling my mom about how I wanted my husband to be a “just cuz” kind of man.

Before we proceed…keep in mind that God is a very purposeful and strategic God.

So the conversation with my mom happened last weekend. Then this past Friday we were in Cracker Barrel and when I came out of the restroom she handed me a card that she had just bought. I was so happy and I said, “is it my birthday?!” Which it wasn’t but I was just wondering why she gave it to me. Here it is:


It was no special occasion…she just saw the card and thought of how it represented our relationship so she bought it for me.

Then a few days later my friend from Mizzou texted me and asked for my address. I thought she was trying to mail me some sort of invite to something. I checked the mail yesterday (Monday) and she sent me a friend plaque. Here it is:


Again, it was no special occasion…she just bought it and sent it to me!


On that same day that I received the package in the mail I was driving a little ways on the expressway just thinking about many things. I started to think of how sweet it was to receive gifts for no apparent reason. While having this internal conversation with myself I said, “wow they just did it just cuz…”

As soon as I said that I started to cry (yep I’m emotional lol). I started to cry because God was trying to reveal to me how I do not have to wait for a man to do all of the things that I desire. God was showing me how He already does sooo much for me JUST CUZ and I have been overlooking them!

Through my mom and my friend God was revealing His Just Cuz love for me!!

He does for us Just Cuz He can. He does for us Just Cuz He loves us. He does for us Just Cuz He loves to see us smile. He does for us JUST CUZ….Cuz He sure doesn’t have to!!

Receiving this revelation was so enriching and enlightening to my soul. Another thing it taught me that I want to share is for us to stop waiting on another person to do with us and for us what God has already been doing and will continue to do!

Ladies and gentleman we do not have to wait for a significant other to be romanced and showered with love..God is already doing that! We do not have to wait to have someone on our hip to enjoy life…we can enjoy God’s presence every waking and sleeping moment. We do not have to wait to live…we can and need to start living NOW!!

Thank God for His Just Cuz’ness!! 😉

And remember….He loves you…



2 thoughts on “A “Just Cuz” Kind of God

  1. This is soo good and exactly what has been on my heart recently! It’s so amazing when we find our satisfaction in Christ’s love for us and that we don’t have to wait to be happy or
    live with purpose without a man by our side. Great post!

  2. Thank you Anna! You are right! Can’t nobody love us like Jesus so finding full satisfaction in Him is so refreshing & joyous! 🙂

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