See The Wind



A friend and I were in the lounge area on campus. We were looking out of the window and he says, “whoa, look at the wind!” I laughed and I said, “you can’t see the wind.” We then agreed together and said, “yes, but you can see the effects of it.” He made this statement because the branches and leaves on the trees were blowing very hard.

After this brief conversation I thought to myself how that was an excellent depiction of how Christ moves in our life. He is spirit so we do not see Him in the flesh.  When He moves in our lives it may be difficult at times to see His hand working.

I then thought of a question that was asked while I was on a panel at bible study. The question a teen asked was, “how do you know God is real if you can’t see Him?.” My response was, “have you seen your heart?” She said, “no” so I went on to ask, “well how do you know you have one? You believe that you have a heart because you can feel the beat and because you see the effects that it has on you as a living human being.”

We can feel God and we can see His hand in our life through the many ways that He chooses to move. If we do not have the spiritual eyes to see and the spiritual heart to discern and feel then we will miss Him every time.

Many times we are looking for the wind when instead we should be looking at the tree. If you can’t find the wind then find a tree. Wow! Great revelation from the Holy Spirit. When you can’t see what He is doing then just look to the Son who hung on the cross and that will be enough evidence to you that He is still moving in your life even to this day!

Stay encouraged and shift focuses because He is active STILL!




2 thoughts on “See The Wind

    • Thank you 🙂 Try asking the Holy Spirit right there on the spot to help you make sense and He will quicken your spirit to remember something that will help clarify your point 🙂

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