Re-Member to be Re-Stored


About a year and a half ago God told me through some friends (and it was in the word too as a confirmation) that He would soon restore the years that the locust ate up in my life. Another person went on to tell me that He would also begin to bring about new relationships in which I will be able to reap all that I had sown into other relationships but had never received back.  I received this immediately because God knows the many heartbreaks, stressful days, and emotionally draining situations that I have had to endure.

This was little over a year ago and so I asked God recently, “Sooo, remember that time you told me that you would begin to restore these areas in my life? Well I was just wondering when You were going to?” He didn’t verbally answer me when I asked Him but yesterday I was watching an older sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes and through that word He answered my question. I actually cannot remember exactly what Bishop T.D. Jakes said but whatever he said spawned many thoughts about this prophetic word I received a long time ago.

I started typing things as they were coming to my mind and one thing that I wrote was, “God is restoring the years but it is starting with me remembering!” I also wrote, “He is assembling me back together again from all of the brokenness”. The scripture that He put in my spirit was Isaiah 43:18-19 (NKJV) that says, Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. 19 Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

 I will try to make this make since the best that I can. My spirit caught it when I heard it but now that I try to make sense of it I am struggling to put words to what it means…but I will try.

In the scripture above it states, “do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old.” Another word for remember is to recollect. So, this scripture is telling us to stop putting back together all of the old junk that God is trying to tear apart. Stop trying to collect the old pieces of the past and trying to make them work for your right now season. The scripture goes on to say, “see I am doing a NEW thing”.

In the process of being broken there were also many parts of me that were lost. Loss of my identity, loss of my esteem, loss of my worth, loss of feeling belonged, and loss of feeling wanted & known. There were parts of me and parts of my environment that God wanted me to not remember but there were parts of me that were broken and I have yet to re-member.

I am going through a process though to re-member all of the things that God wants me to and for me to be put back together again.

To restore means to put back or bring back to the former state or an original state of being. In order for something to be restored all of the pieces must be there (re-membered). I have been waiting for God to re-store the years but He has first been waiting to re-member me. I forgot some things that needed to be remembered and I have remembered some things that needed to be forgotten so I am going through the process now.

How to simplify this: It is like having a bootleg electrician (Bubba with no experience) come rewire your house because you want to save on some money. It works for a while but then your house experiences an overload of power because he messes something up which causes the wires to all fry out. Now you are left in the dark and forced to call a REAL technician. Mr. Professional comes and you find that Bubba really screwed some stuff up so to correct all that went wrong Mr. Professional has to go in and spend a significant amount of time and care to undoing all that was done wrong and to rewire and make it all right again. Because of Bubba’s screw up it is now costing you more time and more money than you wanted to spend BUT it was all necessary because had you not gotten it fixed right away it would have remained a fire hazard and you would have run a high risk for your house catching fire and burning down. So, in order for Mr. Professional to restore your power…he must first re-member or correct all that went wrong.

I tried my best so if that does not make sense then I am sorry…maybe your spirit is not ready to catch it or maybe it was just one of those personal rhema words (a word that speaks directly to you in your situation) for me and/or a select few folk. (Shrugs shoulders). Just thought I would share 😉

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