When All You Can Do Is Just Keep Living

This song reminded me of something God said to be during a broken time in my life. One night while I was laying in my prayer closet I asked God if He was moving in my situation. I asked this from a place of uncertainty and impatience. His response to me was, “do you feel that?” as He brought my attention to the beating of my heart. I said, “yes” and then He says, “Good, as long as you feel it then let it be a reminder to you that I am still working.”

Even when you feel you have absolutely nothing else to give, sometimes all that you can literally do is just keep breathing…just keep living. If you still have breath in your body then just know God is still at work in your life. Even if it doesn’t look like it or even feel like it. He is there and He sees you.

Every tear that you have let fall…He has caught!

Every gasp for air that you have taken…He has heard!

Every effort to press forward…He has seen!

Every pain you are dealing with…He knows!

He is not an absent Daddy that has children but does not know anything about them. He is ever present in your life during the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Keep hoping, keep believing, keep living, keep moving forward, and when you do not know what else to do…just keep breathing!

This is even for those who literally wish to stop breathing…if you don’t want your life give it to God and watch what He can do with it. Taking your life is not a fast way to victory to end your pain it is only a route to giving up and guess what? Giving up is NOT an option! No matter how bad it hurts…keep breathing!

With each breath you take it gets better!

Your life is important and has meaning so you MUST press through this and survive!

You CAN and you WILL!

May the hands of God be upon you this day and everyday hence forth!

May His Grace and Love keep you in perfect peace!


“Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.” – Psalm 126:5 (NKJV)

“You have taken note of my journey through life, caught each of my tears in Your bottle. But God, are they not also blots on Your book?” – Psalm 56:8 (The Voice)

His wrath, you see, is fleeting, but His grace lasts a lifetime. The deepest pains may linger through the night, but joy greets the soul with the smile of morning.” – Psalm 30:5 (The Voice) 

© Trillion Small 2013 All Rights Reserved.


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