Your Route to Destiny: An Excerpt From My First Book…(Coming Soon)

Below I have posted a small excerpt from my first book which will be published in the next few months after editing. I just wanted to share as it is also proving to be a blessing for me as I go back and re-read it prior to submitting it to my publisher (#HolySpiritInspired)…

Keep in mind a metaphor of a car and the use of a GPS…

“This alternative route is a route in which we state something along the lines of, “You know God, I know that you have set this particular route before me but what I had in mind was a little bit different from yours so what I am thinking is that I go ahead and just follow the one I had planned out. It’s sort of like the same thing because it will get me the same end result so I will be good. Oh, and please bless me and the works of my hands. In Jesus name. Amen.” Now, you may not have verbally said all of this but oh does your behavior show it. You figure you would just give God a helping hand as if He needed it. In your mind you have aggregated all of your desires, placed them on your agenda with an unambiguous timeline, turned your timer on, and shot the gun as if God is working under your authority and supervision. “

Remember…God KNOW what He is doing!! We MUST trust Him in EVERY aspect of our lives!!

© Trillion Small 2012-2013 All Rights Reserved.


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