Miss Coolsprings USA 2014: What this means to me!

Miss TN tiara pic

I greet all of my frequent and new readers with great news! I have been chosen as an official state finalist for the Miss Tennessee USA 2014 which will be held in Clarksville, TN at Austin Peay University from October 3-5. This is a very prestigious pageant full of class and poise so it is such an honor to take part in it.

I will be representing as Miss Cool Springs 2014!! Ahh this is so very exciting for me! This pageant is more than just a time for me to get all dolled up and strut my stuff (although that is fun too šŸ˜‰ )

This pageant is all about opportunity for me:

(1) The opportunity to gain experience in public speaking

(2) The opportunity to be strengthened in the areas of confidence, presentation, and marketing

(3) The opportunity to make a difference on a larger spectrum

(4) The opportunity to be a role model for many

(5) The opportunity to be a leader for many

(6) The opportunity to encourage, motivate, & give hope

(7) The opportunity to change lives

I can go on and on but these are the first major points that come to mind!

I am so elated to have this opportunity and I am excited to see this process unfold!

It is my prayer that I represent Christ and that He obtain all of the glory from this experience!

To stay up to date please like my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MissCoolSpringsUSA2014Ā  or follow me on twitter @trillionsmall

Thank you so much for your support and prayers!

Letā€™s make a change together!


4 thoughts on “Miss Coolsprings USA 2014: What this means to me!

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