Good Grief! What Are You Doing?

 The other day I left my group that I am leading and I just felt down right bad. Some days when I leave I feel excited and some days I feel regular but this day I just felt so bad.

I am the type of person that puts everything I have into helping others and tend to carry their issues and burdens with me after the session (instead of leaving them there like we are suppose to). I was happy that I had a massage appointment right after because it was MUCH needed!

While driving to my appointment I was trying to first identify my feelings and then I was trying to figure out the source. After thumbing threw a few words I finally said, “Lord, I am really grieved right now!” As soon as I said that I thought of Ephesians 4: 30 – “And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.” 

The reason I was so grieved was because I was feeling like some of the things that I was saying were going in one ear and out of the other with some of the group members. I was recognizing their poor choices despite my input and it really hurt me. It hurt me because I knew that their behaviors were going to lead to the development of destructive habits and result in negative consequences if they did not make the change.

Just seeing all of this wasn’t what grieved me….what grieved me is that I saw all of this, told them about it, but yet they still refused to listen.

God highlighted this  to show me how He feels when He tells us to do things that He KNOWS will benefit us and to protect us yet we ignore Him and continue to do our own thing.

It grieves the Holy Spirit when we disobey and do our own thing. It grieves Him because He knows the end result even when we can’t see it and He doesn’t wish for that to happen.

I ask the question often of, “why do we continuously ignore God’s direction and His warning signs concerning our life BUT then have the nerve to get mad at Him when things go wrong and try to throw a sobbing pity party?” I also wonder, “why do we ask God for help or advice on a matter and once He gives it to us we don’t use it (especially if it is not the answer we wanted to hear?” If you are not going to use it then stop asking…simple as that.

You can never say you didn’t have a warning! Yes you did my friend! We get warnings all the time about people that we should or should not date. We get warnings all the time about people we should and should not hang out with. We get warnings all the time about places we should and should not go. We get warning signs about soo soo much!

Getting the warning sign isn’t the problem though! Listening to the warning and adhering to it is the problem!

Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding is no good to you if you do not USE it.

Your momentary fix of feeling good will not supersede the consequences and bad feelings you will feel when that temporary fix blows up in your face.

Listen to God, take His instructions, and do not grieve the Holy Spirit. Easier said than done but if you care about your life then you will.

“For through wisdom your days will be many, and years will be added to your life.”

Proverbs 9:11


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