Eating the Word: Beware of smooth talkers


This past Sunday I was in Birmingham for  church and the pastor, Pastor Van Moody- The Worship Center, preached a word that totally caught my attention! His message title was, Don’t Skip This Meal, and he came from Ezekiel 2:8-3:3. He was referring to our spiritual meal and he gave the 4 points below that I wrote on the sticky note that you see below. I wrote these and placed them inside of my “Eating” journal that you see above…it’s a cooking channel journal lol but I thought it to be very befitting for this purpose.


He shared other very vital points, which I may share later, but at the end of the sermon he talked about S.O.A.P. This is the way in which he feasts on the word daily. S is for scripture; write the scripture down that you will feast/meditate on. O is for observation; write down what you observe in the text/what is going on in that particular passage. A is for application; write down how that scripture applies to your life personally. P is for prayer; now take time to write your prayer out in your journal.  Here you can see how I did it.


So as you can see, I fed on Romans 16:17-20 yesterday as they were the main scriptures that stood out to me the most.

For S I simply wrote the scripture out.

For O I wrote: The author of this Epistle (Paul/written by Tertius) was telling them who to greet/talk with and then he goes on to say who not to talk/associate with. He says for them to stay away from those who try to steer you from God’s word.

For A I wrote: I, like many women are very audible! Men who are smooth with their words can find a quicker route into our head then our hearts. In this season in my life it is vital to be keenly aware of this and avoid such men, even for “casual conversations”. I must guard my ears, heart, and mind with God’s word. Those who even steer me slightly away from my convictions are definite “no-go’s” for me. No more time for random, maybe’s, “I can fix him’s”, or “I’m sure he will grow” type men! My convictions and boundaries I have now set will be, as already have been, tested to see if they are true. I, however, will remain obedient and true to God’s word. His grace will keep and sustain me!.

For P I wrote out my prayer to God.


My next few posts will come from my spiritual meals so it is my prayer that you will take on this “challenge” of being sure that you are spiritually fed on a DAILY BASIS. You eat everyday physically so it should be the exact same spiritually. If you do not eat physically then you are prone to weakness, underdevelopment and malnutrition…the same applies to your spirit man!

Soooo, Eat up now 😉


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