But God…I’m Tired


One day after working hard I decided that I was going to go home and relax. However, upon examining my filthy car, I figured it was time for a car wash. It wasn’t a bad idea though because it is quite therapeutic for me and it would have allowed me to clear my mind.

I arrive to the car wash port that they have in my apartment and I pull in next to this older gentleman that is about 45 guesstimating. My shirt caught his eye (which said “I Am On a Mission”). He asked what my mission was and I replied sort of cliché’ish, “I am on a mission to fulfill God’s commission”. As soon as I said it I thought to myself, “uh oh that means at some point during this car wash God is going to have me to say something to this man about Him”.

So anywho, this man tries to continue small talk such as work, sports, etc…I engage him in conversation although I really was not in the mood to talk to anyone at that time.

I made it all the way through the car wash process and when I am almost done God begins to speak. At first I tried to brush it to the side because I really did not want to have to say something to him; I just wanted to wash my car and go home.

I am cleaning my tires and rims off and God is still nudging me. He then finally says something that made me pay attention. He said, “Are you going to be that selfish?” I then was convicted and replied, “no”. I asked the Lord what He wanted to tell me about this man.  He began to say things about hobbies like golf and stuff like that. Then he lets me know that this man is unable to do these things because of a back injury. (God seems to love to talk to me a lot about people with back issues).

At first I am thinking to myself that I am really just in my head (because it always seems somebody has a back injury that I talk to) and that this man does not have an injury. I wasn’t looking much at him but when I did I did not notice him having back problems; I mean after all he was out there washing his car.

I decide to walk over to the other side of my car where he was and I began to ask him what he now does as far as hobbies go since he is retired. He told me he was retired because of a back injury (as you could imagine he now has ALL of my attention lol). He told me that he had degenerative disc disease so therefore he couldn’t do much of anything besides go to the pool daily , sit on a float, and read because it eased his pain. He shouldn’t have even been washing his car because he said it was going to cause him great pain later…but God is all about positioning 🙂

I immediately kick into my “faith-time to heal mode”. I begin talking about this other time when I prayed for a man with a few herniated discs in his lower back (same place where this guy was dealing with back pain) and how he was healed. [I shared this testimony as a faith builder and as a means to use a testimony as prophecy so that he could receive that same healing for himself if he desired and believed- “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” – Revelation 19:10]

I find it quite funny that as I am telling him this story, he is in the exact same posture that I was in while God was speaking to me about him (squatted next to the tires cleaning them). At that moment he jumps up and says, “Uh oh now, don’t tell me this man got healed! You gona have to pray for me now!” I laugh and I go on to tell him how the man got healed. He jumps with excitement and comes to the other side of his car where I was standing and he throws his shirt up and points to the scar on his back and says, “Come on, lay hands on me!” This is funny because as he says it, a couple walks by and laughs and he shouts to them, “She is about to lay hands and heal me!”.

This man’s faith and excitement got me all the more excited! So I pray for his healing and afterwards he turned and gave me a big hug and told me that I was a special person. I shared with him how I wasn’t even planning to wash my car and he said, “See God knew that somebody down here was going to need you.” We chatted more afterwards and I told him that I would be stopping by the pool in the next couple of days to see how he was doing.

This man’s overwhelming joy uplifted my spirits and made me totally forget about all of my “problems”. This man needed something from God and God wanted to use me to give it to him but for a second I was going to allow something so small to stop me from being used. I was about to be so selfish simply because I felt that it was an inconvenient time for me.

But isn’t it just like God? To use us in our brokenness to minister to those who are broken too? While I am complaining about being tired while cleaning my tires God is trying to get me to see the bigger picture…this man who was bent over, in pain, and tired needed the very revelation that I received at that same moment.

When we are low we feel that we have nothing to offer…but look for God’s hand during those times because He can move in a super mighty way. When you are at your lowest, He is at His highest! Remove yourself, your selfish tendencies, your narrowed earthly perspective, and look at life from Heaven down to Earth.

Take every opportunity that you are given. What does God want to say to you about that stranger that you really do not feel like being bothered with? Your sacrifice could result in joy for them, peace for them, healing for them, and even salvation for them.

Even when you are tired and bent over trying to clean up your own dirty tires (mess in your life), just take a step back and see those around you…do you have what they need?


 Phone God: Dear Lord, thank you for giving me so many opportunities to ministry to your people. Open my eyes and allow me to view the world around me from Heaven’s perspective so that I may interact as your will permits. Thank you for seeing something in me of value even when I do not see or feel it myself. I pray that I will pour out myself to others even when I do not feel like it. I am so very glad that you do not have the same “I don’t feel like it” attitude that I sometimes have. Thank you for your mercy & grace and I pray that you will continue to mold and shape me to be more like you today. In Jesus name, Amen.

∆ Chew on this:

  • “Freely you have received, freely give.” – Matthew 10:8

 Ponder on this:

  • Think on a time when you were at a low point and it seemed that out of nowhere a person came along and said or did the right things to uplift you. How did it make you feel to have that happen?

 Act on this:

  •  Take off your natural eye glasses and put on you spiritual eye glasses and view your interactions with others from a Heaven perspective.
  • How can you be the change that the world needs?



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