Destined for Greatness


Prior to my first gasp of air I was destined for greatness.

In the womb I was formed, I was created, I was destined for this.

He knew me, He saw me, He planned my every step;

All of my experiences had purpose; I had to prep for this.

My name is symbolic of the path in which I have been called to travel.

It’s inconceivable, indescribable, paradoxically an oxymoron.

Yes, an oxymoron I am needless to say.

The destiny set before me is incongruent with the expectations of most.

I am contradictory to the mentality of the stagnant, to the mediocre, and to the idle’ists.

The things that will be manifested through me will cause one to scratch their heads.

These things will break cultural, social, religious, political, and economical norms.

Arrows will be darted my way but the strength that He has given me will help me to have peace in the middle of the storm.

Destined for greatness is what I am called to and nothing but that will I accept.

I’m 10 to the 12th power…that is 1 followed by 12 zeros…

The number zero can mean “pure potentiality” (Luke 1:37), eternity, or infinity;

Either way you decide to decipher it, for me it means there will be an infinite number of things God will do with my life.

Also, as the 10 and 12 are concerned and each of its meanings…the destiny on my life shall be to utilize my testimony to bring about the governmental perfection of the Kingdom of God and its impact shall be infinitely great.  

I’m heading to the top, breaching all thresholds and reaching beyond the gates of limited success.

I was, I am, and I shall be destined for greatness!


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